Run John Boy Run
10/14/20 10:32PM

My wife and I just started Dexter this year, and just tonight she said the same thing. 

10/07/20 8:59AM

Tell her she is mistaken. You actually want to offer her great late night deals at McDonald’s.

7/14/20 10:28AM

There's something about the bartender that makes me think she's in the loop too. Her attitude over the different receptions seems to change just enough to make it possible. I could be looking for something that isn't there, but she's the fifth. I think. 

7/12/20 1:38PM

I thought so too! I have a sneaking suspicion someone else, a fifth person at the reception, is in the loop too.

5/08/20 5:45PM

Does this mean “Jez-Spin” is officially dead? I loved those crossovers.

4/12/20 11:45PM

In addition to every episode of The Office that Comedy Central played, I plowed through “How To Fix A Drug Scandal.” Its frustratingly good. Read more

12/15/19 11:24PM

Alright. That was a pretty great episode. But what the fuck just happened?!? My guess is the machine “worked,” whatever it ends up that means. I think the headaches are related to the machine working/this “reality.” Maybe that’s why Wellick is so disheveled, because he’s dealing with the same thing. Read more