Run John Boy Run
Jul 14

There's something about the bartender that makes me think she's in the loop too. Her attitude over the different receptions seems to change just enough to make it possible. I could be looking for something that isn't there, but she's the fifth. I think. 

Jul 12

I thought so too! I have a sneaking suspicion someone else, a fifth person at the reception, is in the loop too.

Apr 12

In addition to every episode of The Office that Comedy Central played, I plowed through “How To Fix A Drug Scandal.” Its frustratingly good. Read more

Dec 15

Alright. That was a pretty great episode. But what the fuck just happened?!? My guess is the machine “worked,” whatever it ends up that means. I think the headaches are related to the machine working/this “reality.” Maybe that’s why Wellick is so disheveled, because he’s dealing with the same thing. Read more

Dec 11

“What was the moment where you realized you could do (insert person's career) and do it well enough to make it a career?"