Dec 17 2019

You seem fun. Let’s hang out. You bring the boiled chicken; I’ll bring the funeral dirges! We can read automotive manuals to each other!

Nov 6 2019

More money, more complexity, more weight, lost power thru the tranny... and the point is to ‘feel’ like you are shifting. Brilliant. Where can I short that stock?

Oct 4 2019

Speaking of Red Hot but did I miss something but where the hell did Larry Brown disappear too??? Have they ever said why he’s not in this season?

May 14 2019

Really showcasing my Metro Detroit roots, when I read WRIF, I immediately heard Arthur P screaming “BABY!”

May 3 2019

Kanter himself laid out the facts in a tweet highlighting how the American @NBA account highlighted Kanter while the Turkish account erased him. Read more

Apr 10 2019

I just really like seeing the old houses. I do get a kick out of the one where he puts a tv over the fireplace and says something to the effect of it looks like it was always there. Sure Jeff, they always put their tvs over the fireplace in 1600 something.