Dec 20 2019

I’m there with you. Wake up, poop immediately, brush my teeth and either work out or hop in the shower (on non-workout days). Don’t eat til I get to work or after I work out on weekends. Can’t remember the last morning this didn’t happen. Some mornings I’d like to stay in bed longer but the urge to go becomes too much.

Dec 19 2019

I live in the Midwest but work for a company headquartered in NYC. We get 8-10 inches of snow here and it’s business as usual. All it takes is a forecast of an inch of snow (not even actual snow, just the possibility) in NY and meetings get cancelled, offices are preemptively closed, emails start flying about the Read more

Nov 5 2019

Your sports writing is phenomenal and will get all my clicks!

Aug 27 2019

She’s OK with Canadians because they are “white” in her words. One of the local Detroit reporters who is Canadian asked her about that. It’s at about the 4:15 mark in this video. My husband and I both let out the hugest laughs when they played it on the news. Read more

May 3 2019

Just under $500K in retirement accounts at age 43. Just under $800K if you count in a brokerage account that is liquid if I need it but that I treat as a retirement savings account. I’m in a similar boat as kids, no student debt, live in a 800 sq ft house in an affordable area and drive a car that’s been paid Read more

Apr 23 2019

He is good. I became a cricket fan after reading his “Complete Guide to Understanding Cricket”.

Apr 10 2019

And my boyfriend Jeff Devlin and his Stone House Revivals?!? I love the both of them.

Apr 8 2019

Plié squats while I am curling my eyelashes, push-ups on the kitchen counter while I am waiting for the toaster or microwave, take the stairs at work instead of the elevator, isometric holds with my glutes while watching TV (or anywhere really if I think of it).

Mar 22 2019

I like this. My husband and I like to buy Christmas ornaments on our vacations. We don’t have any color or theme for our tree, it’s decorated with a collection of ornaments that we were given as gifts, inherited from my grandmother, were made for us over the years, etc. And our vacation collection. Every year on Read more

Jan 11 2019

I love that brand. So stretchy and comfortable. They’re my current favorites and the first jeans I’ve found in years that fit my waist (small), butt/thighs (athletic) and height (petite).

Nov 29 2018

I work for Viacom and saw the pilot. It was frickin’ hilarious. So glad it got picked up.