Mar 2

Something that I do find somewhat striking is that when you think of the lateshow hosts of the 90s, it’s Conan O’Brien who probably has the strongest legacy at the moment. Which I don’t see anyone saw coming. Read more

Jan 28

Neither I nor anyone outside of that house know exactly what is going on but it’s pretty clear that at minimum they should be in therapy, both individual and family.

Jan 25

During the Glenn Thrush mess, the NYT issued a statement about their “no tolerance” policy on sexual harassment while also saying they will continue to employ Thrush even though he admitted to what he did. Read more

Dec 3

Dean runs an asphalt-paving company, which she probably doesn’t watch him do either.

I appreciate this sentence

Oct 2

1986. Newly pregnant. Florida in August, about noon. Flea Market porta-potty. I vomitted on my feet while I was peeing.

Sep 10

God damn it! Something good was finally happening for Sonja. This SUCKS :(

Jun 30

Also, even as a progressive, this passive aggressiveness towards moderate voters is at times frustrating. Read more

Jun 30

This is for a Senate seat in Kentucky, Ashley - Not in New York or California...Jesus. Your sentence sums it up perfectly: “She supports the Affordable Care Act and wants to get McConnell out of Congress, what more can we ask for? Read more

Jun 30

It should be pointed out that the establishment didn’t choose McGrath because they thought she might beat McConnell, but rather because she was able to raise a lot of money and would force the RNC to spend some resources in Kentucky in order to ensure McConnell’s seat. From that perspective, Booker presents an Read more

Jun 24

Jenny Slate did a good job with Missy and played her respectfully. But this is the right move. 

Jun 10

I swear this dead horse will come back to life if I just beat it a couple more times. 

Jun 6

I’m starting to wonder if they’ve ever heard the saying “perfect is the enemy of good”...