When he sleeps at night, he needs to rest a stack of plates on his back, and if they rattle, his gets shot straight in the air with an ejector button. Read more

I loved the Cher step aerobics video when I was in college in the early 90s. I miss step so much. This is boutique fitness class that needs to come back. Read more

The body I was born with, is it not what you wanted? Read more

I used Hypnobirthing for my external verison, to turn my daughter at 36 when she was breech. It really helped with the pain and fear. When she refused to leave my upper ridge and was kicked out via c-section, like you, I used it again to help during the surgery. The thought of having my arms ties down was making me Read more

“You, sir, have a national treasure.”  Read more

I love that he mistook all us drunk neighbors for paparazzi. We hung out outside the wedding hoping to hear Adele sing while drinking champagne from plastic cups. The security guards were all from NYC and were sweet as they could be. Read more

Still no scarier Jez story than the pumpkin seed story. Read more

“I’m not asleep; my mind is alive.” I love this so much. Read more

Maybe the New England Patriots can take him.  Read more

It’s an aesthetic. Big t-shirts, shorts, for shoes Addidas/Crocs/Birks, scrunchies, puka shell necklaces. My daughter says, “and I oop...” a lot. That’s annoying, but maybe it’s their version of our Valley Girl. And she says it’s important to be super kind to people, so I’m down with that.  Read more

My kid came home today from her first day of middle school and told me she wanted to be a VSCO girl (wut). Used her allowance to buy 50 scrunchies off Amazon for $10. She said she already had the puka shell necklace and the Hydroflask. Read more

Potomac and Dallas are my fave cities now. RHONY went out with a BANG this season. CABARET!  Read more

She embraced her love of the hot glue gun and bedazzling! I am the lice NINJA and had it eradicated in less then 3 hours. Boom! Read more

My daughter just wrapped up a week of Fashion Art camp. They learned basic sewing, and the goal was to recycle old clothes into new fashion. Read more

((HUGS)) Thank you for sharing this. I had a Long Island Tea after mine (at an Applebee’s). Read more

I had mozzarella sticks after mine. Read more