Haus of Xaus
Jun 2 2017

The Godfather of Soul was wiped out on Christmas Day, 2006

May 16 2017

Trump gave up more intel in 5 minutes with the Russians than John McCain did in 5 years of torture from the North Vietnamese.

May 10 2017

Apparently you haven’t seen the 22 LeBaron convertibles in my backyard. I’m retiring off those puppies in a few years!

Apr 10 2017

So, it’s a German Singer?

Look, craft, art, yadda yadda. All I see is a sterotypically anal rich dude being pedantic about things that he can throw thousands and thousands of dollars at to never be told ‘No.’ It’s a grotesque indulgence backed up by a blank checkbook - that it’s a fucking overblown Beetle is the icing Read more

Mar 21 2017

I’m not crying shut the fuck up you’re the one who’s crying.

Mar 20 2017

Proofreader Man to the rescue! (sorry, it’s late and I’m procrastinating at work)

Dec 6 2016

I would think that hiring someone without a license for a position that legally requires a license would give them very little room to wiggle.

Oct 19 2016

please, he’s one of the most genuine people in Washington. granted that’s a low bar, but he’d clear even the highest bars of that measure. Read more