9:34 AM

It’s been a shitty year online, but then due to recency bias every year we’re in may seem like the worst year. 2016 was one of those years where you could feel like something was very wrong, online, offline, everywhere, to the point where I was numbly prepared for Trump’s election. Read more

8:57 AM

have you ever given up a role for moral reasons?

8:53 PM

If you’re a superhuman , what are your superpowers and what will you do with them?

8:50 AM

Stop the bullshit. When Omar was targeted and threatened the first person to speak on it was Nancy Pelosi. When AOC was catching hell from the GOP Nancy called them out. What she didn’t and more to the point shouldn’t appreciate is a bunch of first time congresswomen coming for her and trying to shove her out of the Read more

2:57 PM

Yes, leadership. Pelosi has successfully wrangled the cats who make up the Democrats in the House, and is herding them to impeachment. She knows how to lead. Even more important, she knows how to count votes. Read more

2:33 PM

I’ve got nothing but love for Maxine but today my thoughts have been filled with Elijah Cummings. That man spent the last three years of his life in pain and fighting for our democracy. His last official act on this earth was to sign subpoenas meant to defend and protect the children at the border. He was the very Read more

1:54 PM

You mean Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi are showing what strong leadership looks like? But I was told that they were too old, centrist & corporate bought to make a difference. I was told that the “Justice Dems” were ready to take over and lead the party. I was told that “The Squad” were the new face of the Democratic Read more

9:54 AM

This is entirely a personal opinion, but for me part of the enjoyment of a lavish meal for a birthday or something is being generous - both to your friends sharing the meal and to the people making your experience. Since this person is clearly wrestling with it, I would suggest they cover their ass with the tip (as Read more

9:38 AM

I am sure he has done this before. But this is the truly special. I mean as crazy as this sounds its far from the peak. A 40-year old Macallan went for like $9K a bottle. And I say went because they literally sold 70 bottles to the entire US in 2018. This isn’t like a 30 year old that is being bottled each year, but Read more

9:27 AM

If you can afford the $250 drink, you can afford the tip. But buy the bottle instead. If a single pour costs $250, the bottle probably costs $500 - 1000 and you will get 12 large pours instead of 1 small one.

9:18 AM

Since the whole point of spending $250 on a shot of scotch is telling people that you spent $250 on a shot of scotch, go ahead and treat yourself and truthfully tell people that you spent $300 on a shot of scotch. Read more

12:59 AM

To be clear, i do NOT put bananas in the fridge! But according to Science they last a little longer when refrigerated, as opposed to taped to a wall in a humid climate. Though the peels turn black in the fridge so really I don’t know what Science is up to

3:54 PM

I’m going to speak on the subject of mulled wine because it was my go-to when my boo was in college and we were poor as fuck and drank as a form of entertainment because there was nothing else to fucking do in that shitty college town. If you’re going to mull wine, buy the cheapest swill you can find. Two Buck Chuck Read more

2:46 PM

While my mom never gave them to me as a kid, when I’m sick these days, she recommends them. “They may not make you any better, but at least you won’t care!”

1:03 PM

Hot Buttered Rum is amazing, I tend to make it with a spiced rum like Bacardi Oakheart, a little bit of cinnamon, some brown sugar and a generous pat of butter. Heat it all up and I also like doing the home “campfire” thing, heating a metal knife with a stable grip on the stove, dip it in the liquid and it’ll slightly Read more