Jan 18 2016

I’ve spent the last year selling off my father’s vast collection of stuff- thousands of CDs, DVDs, LPs, books, clothes, etc. It is a full-time job that is actually netting me more than I made at the last place I worked full-time. There is so much stuff that the house is overflowing. It’s like we live in a hoarder Read more

Jan 12 2016

Because it’s not inheritable. You die, the remainder of your winnings go back to the state.

Jan 1 2016

Please. She took her top off in the middle of hosting a live tv show. Her tits were fair game. There is nothing offensive about what he said.

Dec 27 2015

Looked like it was directly over the goal post, which means it wasn’t inside the post and therefore 1) no good and 2 ) not reviewable. Read more

Dec 17 2015

After hitting the 3 to go up 2, why wouldn’t yellow then go for the wrong basket and score 2 for the tie?

Dec 17 2015

Sometimes I want to be fancy and sometimes I just want to drink 18 beers in one sitting on my deck for 12.99.
People that whine about beer are not allowed to be my friends. You should happy with whatever beer I give you for free, no complaints.

Dec 17 2015

Au contraire the throwback packaging of Miller Lite cans increased sales, I believe...

Dec 14 2015

Umm... did you read the article? He was peeling it off and the dealer told him to stop. Is your argument that he should have done it sooner and he’s stupid because he didn’t? That’s just retarded. Read more

Dec 9 2015

Keo’s twitter bio is “Disciple of Christ disguised as a professional athlete,” which...sounds like a fun movie premise that would be absolutely ruined by whomever tried to make it.

Nov 14 2015

People are going to jump on you because you dare speak ill of Ronda but you’re spot on. It’s easy to look like a perfect top notch amazaballs fighter when everyone else is genuinely mediocre. Yes she is probably the best female fighter without a doubt and she definetly has top quality fighting skills, but people need Read more

Nov 14 2015

Rousey is without question the most overrated fighter in the history of the world. The UFC got into womens fighting a few years after they should have. They strapped her up put her in make up and have rolled out the job squad ever since. While having her be the face of the league. She is the epitomy of a TV champion Read more