Jan 19 2016

Hey look at how the American Mall has failed because it got too large to be sustainable... perhaps if we made some that were BIGGER.

Jan 16 2016

Is the All Star game for the fans, or the players? From what I have understood of the majority of professional leagues, the All Star games are for fans to see the players they want to see, whether superstars, end of career veteran one last time, fan favorite journeyman, odd specialist, cult favorite with a crazy Read more

Jan 15 2016

In the future they had the technology to correct any non utopian behaviors. Fetishes, Orientations, Gender, Murderousness, etc, all were altered with science to advance the success of a crew and Federation during long term space travel and planet populating. The Federation are facists man, no matter the ends, their Read more

Jan 12 2016

Probably should refuse to enter the NBA draft too. Actually just turn down all sources of greater wealth while you’re at it. Tell your boss to stop paying you so much, and read more articles written by people who really hope you don’t dampen their chances of winning the lotto by buying tickets. Get out of here with Read more

Dec 29 2015

I’d rather not be on the side complaining that Dorothy shouldn’t be played by a Black actress. Let them cast anyone they want.

Dec 28 2015

That was actually a really tough call. The way Deulofeu times his little right leg snap, and the ref was 90 degrees from that first obvious camera angle