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Dec 31

In the Western US, the ownership of mineral and oil rights is usually separate from that of the underlying land. The neighbors in the houses probably don’t make any money at all from the oil well.

Dec 29

Not only is this very true, it’s probably one of the most egregious double standards around.  A large part of why James Hinchcliffe was yeeted from his Indycar ride mid-contract was because he went and posed bare-assed with the car with Arrow Semiconductor branding all over it for the Sports Illustrated Body Issue.  Read more

Dec 28

and then we wonder why the Nikita Mazepin’s think they can get away wit...oh, wait he did get away with that.

Dec 28

What actual fucking difference does it make? I hope she names names, the magazine and the people who agreed to it on her behaf, because those bastards need to burn in the light of day. Absolutely disgusting.

Dec 28

I keep seeing comments about this “being 10 years ago why are we bringing it up???” etc. There’s not a single male driver now or a decade ago that would have missed a ride unless they did some kind of nude shoot. And anyone who thinks this couldn’t happen just as easily today is so naïve. This is sadly still a gross Read more

Dec 28

Wow, that is incredibly disgusting. You’d think at some point someone would have said “Hey, we got the funding, you just have to pose nude” before making her drop all her sponsors and funding. Just insane what men think they can get away with. Read more

Nov 19

Can we talk about how Jeep is 19th out of 26 but yet Jalopnik still dedicates half its column space to Jeep, without mentioning how garbage their reliability is.

Nov 19

Liking cars does not mean you have to like vaguely racist, quite imperialist ‘entertainment’ that has not evolved in any way since 2005 or so.

Oct 26

It’s worth remembering for nitpickers like us that this wasn’t a prepared presentation. He could have just been thinking about something else, looking ahead at the next thing for 2 seconds, or looking at build quality instead of the specific configuration.

Oct 20

I say this as a dyed-in-the-wool environmentalist: at some point, we need to get people who don’t give a shit about the environment to also buy EVs. We need to get everyone (or at least most people) driving vehicles that aren’t powered by fossil fuels if we are to have a hope of preserving at least some of the Earth’s Read more