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I really do like The Boys, but 1 season a year of that show and its world are enough for me. Read more

The religion was literally created to be co-opted, just by and for the Bene Gesserit. That’s literally the job of the Missionaria Protectiva. That probably makes it worse, not better. It’s really just another thing that they created specifically to gain power and control that backfires on them, like the Kwisatz Read more

Back then having a black or female president was a pipe dream. Read more

Oppenheimer was only 3 million less then Passion of the Christ and 9 million less then American Sniper.  That's so impressive to me for a movie as long, talkie, and grim as Oppenheimer.  Nolan better be bringing out the aged wine he earned it.   Read more

I don’t disagree that there’s no need to keep bringing it back, and at a certain point it starts to resemble the original Star Trek cast doing movies into the 90s, but there’s a level of delusion and self-importance in taking the position that the big mass appeal franchise character should be retired once you’ve done Read more

It’s surreal that this very specifically current-avclub/2012-tumblr stab at discourse is actually out in the wild. Read more

Glass Onion is the wildcard in the bunch. Moviegoers seem split between those who think it’s great and an improvement over the original and others who consider it a bloated bore. Read more

I’m here to throw shade on Avatar, which is just...not a good movie...plus technology. Read more

They already did and it was called Mad Max: Fury Road. Read more

Yeah, this site used to be the best for in-depth, thoughtful reviews... Now all we get is this recap garbage. Back when Allison Shoemaker and Alasdair Wilkins were writing for the site, I’d come here just to read their reviews. Now I just visit out of habit. Read more

Despite that fact that graphic violence is often considered “Adult content”,  Graphic violence does not inherently make a movie for adults.  Some people just don’t like to watch graphic murders but still want to watch a horror movie.  Yes PG-13 is meant to make sure the teens can go see this without a parent and sure Read more

In fact, the relative restraint with which the film treats M3GAN’s violence might be the main thing holding M3GAN back from true genre greatness. Read more

i’m enjoying the album. describing it as an amalgamation of Taylor album closers/Archer/indie guitar of RED/lo-fi study beats. Read more

To me it’s a grower that’s actively growing on me, BUT it does temporarily get bogged down in the middle. The problem, I think, is with the sequencing of “Snow on the Beach.” That track is genuinely a fucking trudge, and it makes the somewhat samey sounding (but far superior) subsequent tracks (“You’re On Your Own, Read more

Counterpoint: you should be embarrassed for such a boring, childish comment. Read more

Unfortunately, there’s no one site that had everything in one place that once made AV Club the go to source for movies/tv/pop culture media when it came to reviews, news and discussion.  You’re gonna have to piecemeal it from what I’ve seen. A good chunk of the commenters from the site made their own place, Read more

What a perfect reposted comment. Read more