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Feb 21

To be fair-ish, the Pinkertons didn’t start their anti-union thing until after Warne had died.

Feb 20

That’s a legit question, and I appreciate it. I have a particular problem with “warrior” training. Dude; you wanna be a Marine in combat? Join the fucking Marines. But if you can’t hack it in the Corps, don’t look for combat on fucking 14th Street, for fuck’s sake. Read more

Feb 19

The big deal with Die Hard was that McClane, while an absurd and idealized “hey, I’m just a blue collar New York cop” archetype, was the closest thing to a normal human being to star in an 80s action movie. Before McClane, action movie stars were epitomized by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone - huge, Read more

Feb 18

Jesus tap dancing Christ, how many times do we have to do this, it wasn’t about the area of the floating door, it’s about how much weight it could support. If Rose & Jack were on the door it would have partially submerged & Rose would have died of hypothermia before the lifeboat arrived.

Feb 15

I’ll second your unpopular opinion. I was really perplexed by his topic this week–I mean is there any real indication that we’re ignoring the possibility of another pandemic? I know people have short memories, but we’re not through this one yet, so that doesn’t seem to be an immediate concern. Read more

Jan 20

Lil Wayne had not actually been sentanced yet, the ten years is just the maximum possible. Read more

Jan 20

I thought it was common knowledge that almost all presidents use the pardons in super shady ways but I’ve recently learned that most people don’t actually know that.

Jan 12

Looking into it, it seems it’s more the expense than the hassle. I could watch it on my computer without anything extra, but to watch it on my TV, I’d definitely need to buy a piece of hardware: none of the hardware we can stream to the TV with supports Apple TV+ (PS3, TV from 2016, Chromecast). I think the cheapest Read more

Jan 11

I sucked the three available down pretty quick, I think they’re a lot more confident in the tone this season and its just fun.

Jan 5

Sounds more like pyelonephritis which is a kidney infection and much more serious. Usually it starts in the bladder and may not have symptoms until it ascends into the kidney, where it can progress rapidly. It may also have started in her gallbladder and spread to the kidney. Most people have symptons from a Read more

Jan 5

The UTI as the root cause of death makes me wonder how much that was related to medical access during this pandemic as this seems like something that, in normal times, should have been treated early and fairly easily. Read more

Dec 25

Finally got around to seeing this movie. The opening was great! The rest...eh. Being bludgeoned with ‘80's references worse than an Ernest Cline novel (we GET IT!), and the acting just felt uneven all around. I wanted to like Pascal as a villain, but maybe I was distracted by the hair and suit that could be seen from Read more