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Mar 1

I find it odd that a 24 year-old is constantly having her ‘failed relationships’ referred to. We’re they all supposed to end in marriage? How many ‘failed relationships’ has Leo DiCaprio had now that he’s 39? Why is it that his numerous relationships are never referred to as failed but those of a 24 year-old girl, Read more

Feb 19

Can’t wait for President Cruz to take office in 2017! It is going to be just like when President Reagan undid all the damage peanuthead Carter caused! 30 years of prosperity here we come!! – Tom Magee, South Florida, United States, January 10 2015

Jan 26

Jane, I was on the other side of the fence when you were up North. No way I ever forgive you. You are the only person I have ever hated and I’m pretty old. – huskerbob, CONCORD NC, 2 months ago

Jan 25

Sitting in an audience of grossly obese yanks whooping, stuffing their mouths with popcorn and laughing at things that simply aren’t funny.....my worst nightmare – Time for revolution, Stockton, United Kingdom, early 2015

Jan 20

The USA next presidential election is going to be won by a dark horse candidate, on that you can bet. – MiniLin, Boston, United States, January 24, 2015

Jan 13

Apparently Blue Lives only matter when they’re strangling minorities or beating up lefties. LOL — igowild, beaches, British Indian Ocean Territory, 2 hours ago

Jan 9

The smartest people use the comment section of the Daily Mail as a Twitter substitute. Wait... – Unpossible, Deep State, United States, 2017

Jan 5

This person needs to be deported now for disrespecting the President. When in Rome ..... – Womble, Somewhere out there, United Kingdom, Summer 2015

Dec 26

When trump was asked about his new girlfriend Melania he was asked what’s she like - his response “5'11, 125". Yes that’s Trump . Total dou che. – nicola7, london, United Kingdom, February 2016

Dec 17

The term “the greatest human being of all time” gets used far too much these days but..... – Brobri, Up north, United Kingdom, 5 hours ago

Dec 16

Massive cringe every time the DM refers to Pippa as ‘Her Royal Hotness.’ Especially as she is neither royal nor hot - Jupiter, UK, 23/1/2013 4:24

Dec 16

The Queen is a symbol, focus and representative of the British people. With the demise of unity of the country and patriotism becoming a dirty word I think we need the royals even more. – loz, uk, United Kingdom, 1 day ago

Dec 15

[Fiona Apple] can do what she wants because she actually has talent unlike Lady GooGa, Miley Cyprus and Katy Perry. — Simon, Surrey, 7 years ago