Boston Market had a secondary restaurant that was more fast-casual and “hip”. Does anyone remember the name of it? I remember the awnings where yellow. It didn’t last long.  Read more

Much like the Frye Festival, I only care about the non-wealthy workers of the event who are stuck there.  Read more

The entitlement of not getting a discount or paid to do a job someone else should get paid for is a wild take.  Read more

I’m not getting a discount for working like an employee at self-checkout, and my hands don’t work well with separating and opening bags. I’m taking however many bags are attached to the one bag I can separate and open and repurposing them for other uses elsewhere. Read more

My BM is (was) .7 miles away from me. I’d still rather go the extra .5 to an actual grocery store and buy the same thing.  Read more

There’s a rather large “Florida Memes” group on FB. Read more

I’ve have had the same problem for a couple years. I can’t even star gray comments that I like. Read more

I knew they were in trouble when they opened they restaurant to a ghost kitchen chain called, Rotisserie Roast. Same food, but with more sodium and sauces.  Read more

This write-up is beyond reckless. It puts a target on a Black woman without confirmation. Even if it was confirmed, why would you think she would want all of the added attention? Read more

Apparently the witnesses are the men who didn’t bother to help the woman out, but said she was the aggressor. They’re not only cowards, the volunteered to destroy her life and the life of her child. Read more

That 1st sentence is a whole ass lie.  Read more

She either quit before this post, or was fired thereafter. Gawker drama is old as Hell. Read more

People rarely comment here any since “The Herb” took over and ran off all the seasoned writers and editors. Read more

In most states, that’s too much to donate without a manufacturer lot number and sanitary protocols. Would you take a 10lb bag of random pasta a stranger handed to you on the street? Read more

I miss the write-ups for overturned food vehicles. Bring that beat back. Read more

You’re right. It’s a lot of white artists of all ages. Read more

I can’t even imagine travelling with someone who wouldn’t immediately start cleaning up their mess. I don’t even go out with people who mistreat restaurant waitstaff, let alone mistreat someone who is responsible for me not dying. Read more

Everyone knew Diana was in the streets for hits and this is really, really, really old news. Read more

Sometimes entire paragraphs go missing and only pop up if I refresh (maybe).   Read more