Throttle cable snapped on my Triumph 2500 TC. Finding a replacement took a while and I couldn't leave it where it broke down so: Read more

I spent a few months living on Majorca why didn't I explore roads like this! Read more

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Here's a link to a video from the same event two years ago, car spins at night and car stalls/gets wheelspin on the grass. No marshals anywhere. Next car comes flying through and drivers straight into him.

I wasn't but I know the majority of the Kiwi drivers and crew that went over it. I have heard similar reports from previous years, lack of marshals seems to be a real problem. I don't condone how Shane (Falcon driver) handled that spin but don't think it's fair to pin the blame solely on him. We do things a lot better Read more

Little bit more to the story Raph, there were no flag marshals at the event which is a necessity for drift practice like this. There were also no marshals two years ago at the same event, a driver spun in the dark, car wouldn't start and the next came flying into him. The Rattla Falcon (wannabe stock car) was having Read more

I'm a Kiwi and I got 'illegal corporation' out of that. Read more

Ahhh Australia, the country founded by criminals. Read more

We don't have a huge amount of Cadillacs (at least the ones she is referring to anyway) but we do have the internet and televisions. You only have to look at hip hop/pop video clips from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s to see why a young girl in NZ associates Cadillacs with that type of lifestyle. Not because they are Read more

Throttle cable snapped on my Triumph 2500TC so I left it on the side of the road while I went home and got some tools. Came back and did this to get it home. Worked a treat!

This post got me thinking Travis: Read more

I am from New Zealand and didn't realize we had a place called Shantytown. Or aliens. Read more

As a part-time automotive photographer I would have liked to see a more varied list, a lot of these have a reasonably similar style (lots of pp work, commercial/ad looking, unnatural lighting etc). But at the same time these guys are are great at what they do. Big fan of Linhbergh's stuff! Read more