Romeo Reject
Yesterday 7:22PM

All these different ratings come at a cost. Granted, the $700 price point should come with a better pedigree. But there is at least one website I know that sells name brand helmets without the rating sticker and you can get these high price lids for a couple hundred less because of it. 

Yesterday 4:27PM

Anybody remember the Nokia 1610? Before smartphones were invented, everybody wanted a Nokia, and the 1610 had an optional solar panel on the back of the battery.

Friday 9:09PM

One of my favorite helmets is the Simpson Outlaw Bandit. Made famous by a certain tamed racing driver.

Friday 7:32PM

And no rotational energy dissipation. DOT test is simply dropping a weight on a helmet - rotational motion is the thing that will lead to concussions and long term brain damage. From an article in asphalt and rubber back in may 2020 - about 65-75% of accidents are caused by rotational energy, not blunt force like is Read more

Friday 7:08PM

Hard disagree. The best gear is the gear you don’t notice. It ranges from irrelevant at best, to distracting at worse. Gear is just the deal with devil in order to enjoy riding safely. Read more

Friday 5:32PM

There are two ways to stay in Hawai’i: Stay behind the walls of the place that you are in or rent a car. That Hawai’i chooses to restrict a safety valve for the car shortage without treating the disease tells me to go elsewhere. Read more

Friday 5:25PM

You know, people could just save themselves the trouble of having to rent a car and just drive to Hawaii in their own.

Friday 5:08PM

Why weren’t they wearing them in the first place? That’s safety step number one when boating in quickly moving water (Such as say, near a dam). Read more

Friday 4:41PM

If you want to get around the Big Island and see more than a resort, a rental car is the only reasonable way to do it. I would be infuriated if I was a resident, but it’s hard to blame tourists for choosing a legal and economical option. Read more

Friday 6:37AM

No, the interior is actually worse. Now it has the same “small tv” in the center of the cabin as the 3 and Y, and the steering wheel is a yoke….

Thursday 10:40PM

The big miss here is the batteries. I’m willing to cut them some slack for the 0-60 and quarter mile times because as much as Elon’s nonsense annoys me, it’s splitting some pretty small hairs when in reality the car accelerates fast as hell. Read more

Thursday 8:42PM

Hitting 200 miles per hour is not an easy thing to do, and it’s pretty much useless on any street car, but the fact that it’s now within reach for a relatively mainstream car is quite an accomplishment. “ Read more

Thursday 7:24PM

I could care less about the 200+ mph top speed in all honesty, but it seems like just about everything that was promised about the Plaid now has some caveat or has been changed (not for the better). I had my doubts that the Plaid was going to be enough to keep Tesla “on top”, and I think this information tonight Read more

Thursday 2:04PM

It isn’t a fan. It doesn’t push the air. The air pushes it. It is a set of wings rather than blades. A fan adds energy to the air, making it flow faster behind the fan. This “wing rotor extracts energy from the air. The air behind this “wing rotor” moves slower than the air in front of it. Read more

Thursday 4:55AM

If there were extraterrestrial life forms capable of communicating with us, they would, pretty much by necessity, be operating on an understanding of physics and math about a thousandfold beyond this car.