10:37 AM

I dont get the love for Japanese vans, my family had two Suzukis(Maruti Van) when I was a kid, Yes it was sorta mid-engined. It had a lot of space for a 7 year old to run around in the back. Read more

11:20 PM

I used to do the cheap phone for a while, but would get frustrated at how slow it used to get in a year, so I did splurge and got the one plus 6t, paid in full. and going by how it has worked so far, I think I wont be changing phones for the next 4-5 years.  

4:45 PM

Brown guy in a red state right here, driving an aging Z4M that probably costs as much as a 4 year old used Honda Accord. But still overhear a ton of crap probably would have been more but I’m driving too fast anyway lol.. Read more

10:34 AM

Neutral: I drive a 2011 Mazda 3. It has heated leather seats, automatic climate control, one electric seat, and Navigation that sucks. I used to have a 2009 Mini Clubman S before that, it had the same stuff, but it worked soo much more better. So No not exactly luxury but luxury-ish.. 

11:22 AM

As a E85 Z4M owner I’m biased, but the new one does look really good in blue...

12:30 PM

Not really, there is so much to New York, that you dont see. I used to live and work there for a bit. And then moved to the middle of nowhere Nebraska. I still miss staying there the bad traffic, rude people et al.

12:58 PM

Well the consolation is that there probably is a store somewhere that sells them? since you know they are made in China anyway? 

5:02 PM

I have a fast manual car already, need a relatively quick daily, that is also good in the midwest winters. There are a lot more manual WRXs around, so I am having to look in a larger city compared to the place I am now.. 

11:28 AM

You could save a little more and look for something newer in the 4K range? Probably more fuel efficient and will be spending less on gas in the long run, if you need to pay for gas? and not to mention a little more safer maybe? 

3:38 PM

Credit unions also offer better rates than the large banks. I was able to finance a used car for 2.5% just a short while ago. 

5:58 PM

Omaha resident here and can vouch for how bad it is here.. this was my rim a few weeks back.. 40mph. one of my colleagues actually lost a tooth when he hit one.. apparently it a bad one and needed to go to the dentist anyway..