Jun 4 2018

I’ve always wanted to, but I feel like for every story like this I can come up with a hundred horrible people who do just fine in life.

Jun 4 2018

My buddy used to steer with his knees, roll a blunt, and shift at the same time. In a 02 Ranger. I wanted to one up him so I used to do it in an 84 GMC C30. Read more

May 19 2018

Im sorry, but fuck her. She’s no different than any of those assholes who murder their wife and kids then turn the gun on themselves. Throwing your seven year old child out of a window is the most severe act of abuse you can commit. She was an abuser.

Jan 9 2018

You’re weighing causing emotional harm against something that has a literal dollar value to fix completely. You’ve lost the plot

Jan 8 2018

Violation of a life long vow....yeah maybe a little property damage.

Oct 13 2017

The Jan Michael Vincent skit is god damn magic haha. I laughed too hard at it.

Oct 4 2017

Brings a whole new meaning to “Blunt to Fakie”.

May 10 2017

That Skyliner though. When you consider it was before we really had computers in car it works quite well. Infact if I’m not mistaken that system is fully mechanical.

Mar 31 2017

That every bridge I drive over is going to collapse PRECISELY as I cross it and send me plummeting in to the river below. Read more

Mar 28 2017

^^ I of course have pics, but can’t load them up until I’m at home.

Mar 26 2017

You are the type of sick individual who always disappoints me when I finally catch up to you in the terminal.

Mar 21 2017

I’m another Michigander here to sound off. Given what I see on the roads every day in Metro Detroit I’m all for inspections of these “silent killers”. Unfortunately, it does become an issue of regressive taxation and jeopardizes freedom of movement.