2:48 PM

I was a black out drunk for many years. I crashed my baby (2012 bad mini jcw edition) woke up with a destroyed car and no memory of the incident. Made sure there were no hit and runs that I had to take credit for. Quit cold turkey that same morning and have been sober since. I’m not saying don’t drink. But take it Read more

2:07 PM

wish i could post a picture of mine. 1990 f250, although all i needed was 1200 bucks, a sawzall, a twelve pack, and a friend. Working on roll bar and rag top now.

12:45 PM

Incorrect, 26y/o, well below the poverty level, still living independently. Have ridden Japanese since I was 18. Bought first Harley at 24. Love it more then any bike I’ve owned. No, I don’t wear the jackets or go to “Harley cruises”, yes I know how to use a wrench. I still keep a kawisaki KZ (first bike) in the Read more

1:06 PM

I hear you. I sent his and was not picked and still in the Greys. I think this is a little cooler then. “Went through a puddle or used the trunk of a sports car”. I moved a old rusty bike by squeezing it in a rental van.

1:22 PM

Moved my old xj700 with a rental Chrysler Pacifica. Used a combination of seat belts and my drunk cousin to keep it secure on the hour and a half drive.

10:34 AM

Crazy. I saw this as soon as it hit the internet and thought about emailing you guys for NPCP, I’m starting to understand this jalopnik thing

3:01 PM

As a 25 year old and a Harley owner I can put some input on this. The ride is shit, slow, and full of vibrations. If you like the shitty ride of stock old muscle cars then Harley is made for you. Providing you know how to pick up a wrench, which sadly my generation is straying further and further from. Want smooth and Read more

4:15 PM

The burden of proof is not on me. I am not making a statement only a reactions to one. Also, simply stating statistics without a source does not make anything fact. I can say blank makes up for blank all I want, but without a reputable source, or better, multiple sources my statistics mean nothing. Also one should Read more

2:51 PM

What was his price I got mine for 1k plus ratty bike. It was a little much, but the small regret I have goes away every time I beat the piss outta the thing. Plus the body is fairly straight and the floorboards are rustles; and I live in Wisconsin so I figured fuck it.

12:24 PM

Totally agree. I live in Kenosha and the availability for Safe Rides truly does help out. It’s even free, however it’s nice to tip your driver, which I always do.