Mar 5

A couple of the restaurants in my area are using Toast Tab for online ordering. It seems to be simple, flat monthly rate and super simple to use. Its not a delivery service, unless the restaurant has their own delivery drivers.

Mar 4

Holy fucking shit, Tracy. I have struggled my whole life with these same concepts and types of experiences. Memory is shaped by the things that we want to be true, or that must be true, because of what is supposed to be true. Read more

Mar 4

Ok, not popular here, because I don’t like Meghan. But :) let me just say - - I was talking about bananas and ‘positive mantras’ yesterday...(something I would mock and deride if I saw a friend in the US do it, not limited to taking issue with Meghan doing it - I maintain that cheesy instagram girl antics when Read more

Feb 27

I want to congratulate you for raising your child right. Would that we all developed a close and nurturing relationship with the Gods Of Cheese at such a tender age!!  I’d still eat the fuck outta a wheel of parmesan.

Feb 27

I came here to say the same thing. It’s so hard to move past it. Obv. the graphics department and editors have never seen one in real life and I’m obv. too old for this website apparently.
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Feb 26

If you turned your back on me as a child, I would be in the fridge taking a huge bite out of a stick of butter.

Feb 26

My 25 year old niece just celebrated her 18 month soberversary. Her trouble started when she was raped at age 13 and she’s survived many suicide attempts, sex work and every drug known to humankind being put into her body. I wish you could see her now, shiny hair, clear eyes, and planning her future. Thanks for Read more

Feb 24

Having been thrown out of a Baptist church during a construction meeting just for BEING Catholic, I would have to disagree there. I was a young and when I was meeting with the head pastor and church elder regarding stage lighting at their mega-church in Virginia. We were discussing ceremony activities when I naively me Read more

Feb 21

YES.  People with bipolar can be happy, healthy, loving, nurturing, functioning members of their communities.  

Feb 12

When I started dating my husband, he had a couple of roommates and the one he shared a bathroom with was a woman and I definitely ended up having to steal one of her tampons once, so I can see the point of keeping a multipack around so your uterus-having friends are taken care of in an emergency. But having the whole Read more

Jan 25

Thanks so much for telling your story. It was triggering for me, too. I do have OCD myself, and it was my parents who grew it with their abuse. I watched this video about the Self-Righteous Narcissist and it described me to a T. An anxious, obsessive person always striving for an impossible standard. I’m sorry that

Jan 23

THIS. Kellyanne will manipulate those sessions in the same way she manipulated the cop on the wellness check. She’s a fucking public relations professional, right? She knows how to spin. And since she gets to pick the therapist, I’ll bet money that *if* she were forced to go, she’d pick one of these bullshit Christian Read more

Jan 22

All of this assumes that her parents AREN’T being abusive and that this social media account isn’t a necessary, if unhealthy, psychological outlet right now. You’re acting like her mental health struggles aren’t directly connected to her parents’ behaviour. Read more

Jan 22

I’m on that subreddit all the time. It’s amazing how our culture is built to enable narcissistic parents and blame their behavior on the supposed “ingratitude” of their children. There’s more to raising children than just feeding and clothing them.