Sep 25 2017

I don’t mind/care about kardashians much but they do make me wonder what it’s like to be a woman who always looks pristine. Hair, nails, face, clothes... even when they’re in sweats they look great. Read more

Sep 21 2017

I had a colleague from South Africa recognise it from a t-shirt I wore with Maia and Willy on it. Seems to have been an international hit, probably outside the English-speaking world though.

Aug 21 2017

oh I’ll just say it. Neither of these men is attractive. I do not get the appeal. Chuck and Linus are cuter.

Aug 14 2017

I have no interest in her music but that testimony gave me the chills. So awesome!

Aug 2 2017

Is it pedantic to point out that his name was Dalí and this article repeatedly refers to him as Dali? I mean, if you’re going to put and umlaut over the O in the title of that book, an accent over the I in the subject’s name shouldn’t be that tough.

Jul 18 2017

My least favorite thing is when people ask “What have you been up to lately?” I’m not a total bore, I do things, but in that moment I can never think of anything to say and it always feels awkward. You would think I would have figured out some way to solve this issue, but I haven’t. Sometimes when on my way to see Read more

Jul 18 2017

That sounds like social anxiety to a degree and just not always being comfortable around people.

Jul 18 2017

I’m kind of that way with people. But not because I’m an a-hole, I’m just awkward around people. Still I can see how that may rub people the wrong way.

Jun 12 2017

No, they don’t. They may raise it, but they don’t beg it. Begging the question is a very specific circumstance, not a posh way of saying “raising the question.” Read more

Jun 7 2017

That’s incredible: their complete co-opting of his torment with such self-serving disregard. Thank you for illuminating this facet.

Jun 7 2017

I hadn’t remembered that he had killed himself until a couple of months ago when I was chatting with someone in line about Arguedas. After which I came home to refresh my memory and was stunned. At age 19, I must have thought it a romantic gesture, or some literary despair, or that he was so very far from me in Read more

May 30 2017

(that’s completely aside from whether is should have been made. A gallows jungle gym strikes me as intentionally sensationalistic... I’m not quite sure what deeper point it’s trying to make?) Read more

May 30 2017

The story is not about American Indians—it’s about America. There’s an important distinction there. And the interesting thing about stories is that they can be told from many different perspectives. There are two main parties in this story—those who were hanged and those who performed the hanging. The story being told Read more

Apr 24 2017

I read the source “Us Weekly” first as “Us either”. Made total sense.

Apr 10 2017

As a person who has lived all their life in Latin America and thus almost every movie being subtitled in a movie theater, it’s INSANE to me that anybody can complain about it. Read more

Apr 1 2017

It’s more likely that he just doesn’t know about the programs that provide aid and hasn’t gotten around to gutting them yet.