5:24 PM

After Eric Garner, there is a 100% likelihood that this cop knew the implications of ignoring the plea of “I can not breathe” from a suspect in custody. How fucking hard would it have been to sit him up so he could get some air into his lungs. Somehow this news is both unbelievable and completely believable. Read more

10:11 PM

This article is fake news. I am pretty sure that if I invent a UV flashlight, then shove it very far up my ass, then I am sure to be cured of COVID19. If I start to feel ill, I’ll just need to turn the light up brighter and shove it up a little further. Read more

8:14 PM

Whoa, whoa, whoa. How can there be a list of good stuff on toast, without first agreeing on the bread that is to be the toast?!?! What lunacy is being foisted on the home-bound masses. Read more

6:40 PM

I love Lizzy Warrren. She is smart, thoughtful, and passionate. The only reason she is not running away with this thing is that we —as a country— fucking suck at doing the right thing. Read more

10:22 PM

If I were in the jury, I would ask the judge if the defense attorney can be sent to jail too. Weinstein goes to jail for sexual assault, his lawyer goes to jail for 3rd degree fuckery.

7:56 PM

Passing the Equal Rights Amendment is an obviously just, right, and decent thing to do. So yeah, Mitch McConnell will kill this bill, and chuckle every time he thinks about what he did.

8:37 PM

So, by Dershowitz’s logic, if I get elected President, and I think it is in the best interest of the country for me to get re-elected, then I can order the assassination of all of my political rivals, and it won’t be murder, because I did it for the benefit of the country. Read more

3:19 PM

Collins, Murkowski, and Romney are forming an exploratory committee to decide whether it might be wise to consider growing a spine sometime in the future.

9:15 PM

To paraphrase: “Don Imus was an old, racist shit head. He was also a human being, and those of us who are not racist recognize that our humanity —and the mortality that comes with it— is something we all share. For that reason, I pass along our condolences to the family of that person, who loved and cared for him Read more

10:27 PM

Wow. I confess that I like stupid action movies.... but this fucking thing. Nothing to laugh at; moronic action; senseless plot. And when Bay ventures into the world of politics, the outcome is..... problematic. Read more

8:46 PM

FYI: A married couple just plead guilty to KNOWINGLY voting in both Mass and New Hampshire. They received 60 days suspended sentences. They are both walking around free. Seems like voter fraud is only a real crime if you’re black. Read more

7:07 PM

Well, Ivanka looks as good as her Dad... awkward as fuck around a motor vehicle. She even stands like a dolt, too.

6:48 PM

You missed Trump’s latest Ukraine excuse: Rudy did all the Ukraine deals, not him. It was a rogue Giuliani problem, apparently. Read more

3:47 PM

Well, he found me out. I am a progressive, liberal American. I don’t really care about the climate, pollution, social justice, economic justice, income disparity, racial discrimination, public education, women’s rights, reproductive rights, separation of church and state, corrupt politics, public health or corporate Read more