Oct 21

I grew up in a democratic household. I didn’t think about it much more than D=good, R=bad. I have cousins that grew up with R parents that put about as much thought about into it as I did, but in the opposite direction. Then I went to college, read some stuff, did some thinking, etc. Read more

Oct 20

Wow. My knowledge of his has always been “that guy who makes pretty cogent commentary about the SCOTUS on TV.” This latest news is definitely in the “What the actual fuck” category. Read more

Oct 19

There is are two terms in epidemiology: “self-selecting” and “selection bias”. For example, if you do a study of people who ride exercise bikes vs those who don’t and compare their overall health outcomes, people healthy enough to ride bikes (and people wealthy enough to buy exercise equipment and also therefore have Read more

Oct 8

Wait what?!? Are you trying to tell me that kissing isn’t a lip-based pushing contest???!! I have been doing it wrong all these years. Shame too. I set a personal record when I pushed my wife out of the room based solely on the force of my core muscles and my rock-hard pucker. No tongue though. That thing is the Read more

Oct 6

This just in: Voldemort Darth Vader Lex Luthor Satan Stephen Miller just tested positive for COVID19.

Oct 5

I had to take steroids for a while. I was sick as a dog but felt like I had superpowers. On the bright side I did a shit-ton of work that I had been putting off. On the down side, when I was tapering of from prednisone it took months and every reduction in dose felt like a donkey kicked me in the pancreas. Read more

Oct 4

So, he just came out of the hospital, went around the block in a limo, waved at supporters, and went back into the hospital. So.... he’s not completely wiped out. Read more

Oct 3

That unbelievable din you are hearing is the simultaneous ringing of every bookie’s phone, nationwide, non-stop. Expect it to keep up for the next 24-36 hours.

Sep 29

So, based on the fact that Trump accuses his opponents of doing what he is already doing, I am certain he will have an earpiece and a fistful of uppers before the debate.

Sep 18

It’s time for the pointless refusal to wear a mask and stop possibly spreading a potentially fatal infection to wear off. Read more

Sep 17

So...... Playboy magazine is considered soft-core pornography, and she was a centerfold, so doesn’t that make her a soft-core pornographic model, one specific sub-category of porn stars? Read more