Aug 10

If Trump resigns tomorrow, and he nor his brood of Satan-spawn never run for office again, I will carve his face into the mountain myself. Seems worth it. Read more

Aug 4

Well, I was wondering how someone who needed to pay someone to take their SAT’s might pronounce “Yosemite.” Read more

Aug 3

So, based on his behavior, what drug(s) do you think he was on? I saw in the article the history of cocaine, but that seems like a crystal meth rage to me. Read more

Aug 2

Oh, and where was it again that Giuffre was recruited into Epstein’s orbit???? Mar-a-lago..... yes, that Mar-a-Lago, the one that Trump owns —and owned at the time too. Read more

Jul 31

The police: We are so sick of people trying to say we are opposed to black people. We are serving the public, regardless of race. No racism here, at all. Read more

Jul 30

When an article begins with “Florida Man.....<does something>“ there is a 99% chance I will read it to find out what kind of ass-hattery Florida Man is up to now. Read more

Jul 30

Noted mask skeptic and Texas congressman Louie Gohmert is “all in” for taking hydroxychloroquine to treat his recently diagnosed covid-19. Read more

Jul 22

What Trump Wants: To incite violence and hope that lots of LEO’s get hurt or killed. Then he will try the Nixon “bring peace to the streets” strategy. Read more

Jul 22

One of the ironies is that the guns in Chicago come mostly from Indiana, which has stupidly lenient gun laws..... which never got any better under the administration of Mike Pence. So, just another reason to say “fuck you” to the Trump/Pence admin.

Jul 20

I am assuming that she was just being extra thorough in demonstrating that she is not carrying any concealed weapons. Very, very thorough.

Jul 15

I should have known. Trump was giving it the full PR campaign. Had to be as bullshit as Trump Univ.

Jul 15

Don’t you know that [some ethnic group] is the true source of evil in the world because [insert false and offensive factoid]. Also [some bat-shit crazy conspiracy] explains the whole thing. Read more

Jul 14

Yeah, except that the season is 17 weeks long, plus 6 weeks of playoffs. There is no way to bubble up a team including coaches and other staff for 4+ months. Read more

Jul 14

Well, if calling out stupid shit on the internet makes you an asshole, you —Dear Sir— are a big fucking asshole. Keep doing you. Read more