Rob Crowe

A true story: I was once chased inland by a hurricane and passed an alarming number of similar billboards on the long drive out of harm’s way. But! There are, of course, lovely people in South Carolina, as there are anywhere, and Charleston is cool, and I am enormously fond of the beaches south of Myrtle. Read more

Calling it Mad Max and making audiences think its about Tom Hardy saving a bunch of gorgeous women in white dresses, only to have Hardy be a mute, side character with Theron being the center badass protagonist is genius. I live for the angry fanboy tears right now. Read more

1) I thought this was in Lousiana, so thanks for straightening that out. Read more

Oh, I dunno. That seems like the academic equivalent of a Edward Hopper painting. Read more

I actually did a paper on diner culture in college. This required going to many local diners and observing the transitions between 'late dinner' and 'late night' crowds. Waitstaff, who knew what I was doing, would either chat with me and tell me their stories, or they'd send regulars over to talk to me. Read more

Where there is whiskey, there's a way. Read more

I have heard that before and actually wanted to cry. Lol Maryland a southern state?? Hell I don't even consider South Carolina or Florida southern. Guess I'm a southern snob. Lol. Only 4 true southern states in my mind. Alabama, Mississppi,Tennesse and Georgia (and Atlanta doesn't count). Lmao But feel proud we are Read more

The Map of Northern Maryland in Text - West Virginia, then —> Rednecks with Skis, Rednecks with ATVs, Rednecks with Burning Crosses, Rednecks with Masters Degrees, Gentleman Farmers Who Hire the Rednecks, OMAR'S COMIN', Rednecks with Shopping Bags, Rednecks with Burning Crosses, Delaware $10.

Middle Maryland - Read more

Except that anyone from Maryland, including my husband, can go on for HOURS about whether or not Maryland can be considered "a southern state" or "a northestern state." Read more

* Rob: Oregon Trail was a game you were supposed to lose. It's the Kobayashi Maru for second graders. Read more

Generally in Texas, those three years are referred to as "fourth grade". Read more

The funniest thing Sam Harris ever said was this (in response to a question about whether he felt all religions were equally absurd): Read more

In Massachusetts, we spend a long time on our history too. But that's because we basically invented America. *flips hair* Read more

St. Louis: the only city in America with both a superiority and an inferiority complex. Read more

I hope that everyone involved in this article dies an excruciating death. Read more

I mean, for thin crust pizza I think square cuts just make sense, but for every pizza in town? Read more

So the British Empire apparently wasn't an empire according to this guy. Interesting idea, doesn't really work that well under scrutiny. Read more