Rob Crowe

SC loves their dire Baptist bromides, but it does not exhaust the entirety of the state. Then again my SC knowledge is strictly about Charleston and its barrier islands. The rest is just my heritage from North Augusta. Read more

Lovely. One quibble: Bill Neal taught my gen to call this perloo. Whence the last “o”? Read more

Hating elves is not "elitist", it is anti-Elvist. And basically common sense. #getyourfantasyoutofmyscifi Read more

That picture will break the internet. Is it taxidermy? Read more

Christ, this thread even contains the softer side of Sam Harris, that attention whore. Since in the Northwest you encounter many more Mormons than I am still not accustomed to, I have to resist mentioning the whole Jesus walked over the Atlantic Ocean thing. One is a great drama, the other is Survivor. Read more

Uh, Ms Viols, I think what you are referring to here may be misunderstood here, since it is a distinction not well know in Yankeedom*, since you are talking 'bout the Deep South. You know, the places that folk in SC and NC used to say of, well, thank god there is Mississippi. The fit tho few as it were. Read more