Oct 21

Here’s the thing, though, Trump is awful. He’s been awful for a president and he was a horrific candidate even before that. Least we forgot: grab her by the p***y, making fun of the reporter for having a disability, being a birther, refusing to show his taxes, the wall. It’s not like his badness was discovered since Read more

Oct 21

but she doesn’t have to work with a Trump supporter, she has to *fuck* one.  i don’t think it’s a valid analogy.

Oct 20

I only watched each season once, but... didn’t they kind of deal with how the non-white wrestlers were being portrayed as ugly stereotypes? At least Welfare Queen, Fortune Cookie, and Beirut? As someone who watched wrestling a LOT in the 80s, and who’s kept up with what those poor bastards got up to later, it all Read more

Oct 16

I mean to be fair, in addition to being racist, outside of the animated segments Song of the South is incredibly dull. Make no mistake, I agree they Song of the South should be featured with a disclaimer. Maybe even a documentary discussing the context of the movie. But the movie’s mystique is less about its quality Read more

Oct 2

I’m Romanian, and I saw this with my family in the provincial town I grew up in. The theater was packed, and people were on their feet applauding after Bill Pullman’s speech. A whole bunch of non-Americans clapping and cheering a speech about the 4th of July, and I’m guessing most of them didn’t even know what that Read more

Sep 29

As a fellow pedant, I appreciate you transparency.

Sep 25

Yeah, I loved The Knick, but it was so relentlessly brutal that it was exacerbating my depression. I had to pass on the last few episodes after reading spoilers about the ending. I guess I’d check out the revival though if it came back as a rock opera.

Sep 18

I wouldn’t say I can’t stand it, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Read more

Sep 8

When I was growing up gender reveals didn’t involve explosions, just a trench coat and a bus stop.

Sep 6

Ray’s agent is either the devil in his ear, or the guy with a really big headache right now...

Sep 5

Edward Norton was the first to play The Hulk in the MCU, Eric Bana played him in the Ang Lee movie.

Sep 4

Yeah, the books are fucking batshit. Most egregiously because, instead of making Gump just sort of a hapless but amenable fellow, Gump:
1) looks like young Brad Pitt
2) is an idiot-savant in physics
3) can be mean and not a little bit sociopathic
4) and he ends up crash landing a fucking space shuttle onto a Read more

Sep 2

Yeah, my guess is that the performer can hire their own trainer, their own nutritionist, etc., who then come up with a plan for signoff by Disney. Disney probably isn't concerned with how they get in shape, just that they get there on time and maintain it for the shoot.

Sep 2

Having said that I don’t think Boyega should necessarily be angry at Johnson so much as he should be angry at the very stupid idea to conduct this whole trilogy without having a clear plan in place from the beginning and Abrams definitely deserves some of the blame for that. It’s pretty much impossible to have Read more

Aug 24

People are always rage-quitting New York. And the answer’s always the same: “Moving to Florida? Good for you! I wish I could say you’ll be missed, but I’m sure the person who takes over your apartment will be pretty cool, too.” Read more