Jul 29

always bugs me when I put the number of years since the game was kickstarted into the headline and forget that development actually started in 2010-11.

Jul 24

...Just...turn off the soundtrack? Holy shit this is a petty reason to not like a game.

Jul 22

Why not take the best of both worlds? “Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2: Final Fantasy XVI”.

Jul 22

This is the same company that gave us Kingdom Hearts 358\2 Days and Dissidia duodecim 012 Final Fantasy.

Jul 21

I’m in Korea, and we’ve been hovering around 20-30 local infections a day (infections from arrivals, who are all quarantined, double that number). Still, most new local infections come from clusters. Some have originated in PC rooms. If one person has it, everyone at that location at that time is at risk. Read more

Jul 21

One thing I’ve noticed in Tokyo is there’s a sense for many that it’s over. Cashiers have started handing coins back by hand, instead of by tray, and masks are now readily available again. Trains going into Shinjuku are still not as full as they used to be, but they’re definitely more full than they were back in March.

Jul 19

Maybe banthas have ineffective digestive systems. On first pass, they don’t digest all the nutrients available in their food. Coprophagia and rumination are real things in real-world animals, and it’s possible banthas need to do it too, but never evolved the rumen and supporting systems. Read more

Jul 16

That is the least credible theory. Mixer’s demise is proof that these guys can’t keep even the most lavishly funded streaming site afloat. The idea that they were gonna start their own brand new service is just utter fanboy fantasy.  Read more