Oct 27

You could have renamed to TrashPandaNemesis. But no, you had to change from T to R. Okay, fine. Duly noted. 

Oct 27

So...what I hear you saying is that you liked my username so much you just ripped it off? :P

In seriousness, great little write-up friend. I know the feeling...I still love cars, but some recent rust issues with my Accent stemming from some shoddy past rust repairs and that little fender bender I had way back in 2015 Read more

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Oct 25

Boston has to have some of the best drivers in the world. Or they would all be dead, the way they drive. Italy is much the same. Absolutely bat-shit insane, and at high speed to boot. But the place I refuse to drive is Paris. Appalling drivers, and no fucks given about bumping you out of the way. ALL the cars are Read more

Oct 23

I know far too many people who believe that America has many problems that need to be solved, but it’s somebody else’s responsibility to do something about it. Everybody wants to maintain their level of “freedom” while making others cover the cost. Read more

Oct 22

Has Tesla programmed it to Avoid this when playing Harry Potter Movies?

Oct 22

Project car? Poorly. House projects? Not quite as poor. Does anyone else just feel beat down all the time?

Oct 20

I’m pretty sure the sum total value of my three vehicles is like... 7-to-15 running Paseo convertibles?

Oct 20

Park the Lexus at the end of the driveway so they know they’re dealing with a fellow luxury car owner.