Also the fundamental problem is that they think science is just an opinion. It’s a fucking dangerous mindset. Read more

You absolutely know it would be a Hooters Read more

I can hear the music when I watch the GIF Read more

She might be but I immediately question the competency and moral turpitude of anyone who would work for Cheetolini Read more

The shitting expert is obviously the gun girl Read more

Kinda reminds me of Kingdom Come Read more

It really would make more sense for Sony to just embrace Miles as their Spider -Man brand.   It would free them up to tell more diverse and interesting stories and they have the added benefit of profiting off of Marvel renting Peter. Read more

Everyone is soon to be former in this admin Read more

You’ve cracked the GOP code Read more

That is not the GOP method of treating a gunshot wound. What you do is charge them for an ambulance ride, then charge them absurd rates in the hospital, then tell them they should toughen up and pull them up by the boot straps, then tell them they should have bought their own gun and they wouldn’t be in this position, Read more

I’m sure he has properties there or some self serving shit like it always is with him Read more

the reason he does anything is an evergreen answer of because he is an evil narcissistic idiot Read more

Good thing he didn’t pick Calvin Johnson, they woudl think he was trying to push a homosexual agenda Read more

Seeing this go down last night had me cry laughing Read more

Not to mention that after last night he is still cleaning his bloody nose from Warren verbally bitch slapping the fuck out of him Read more

I’m guessing a dystopian future in which the kind, intelligent Caeser has been replaced by the dumbest, narcissistic, slovenly obese Orange Orangutan in the pack Read more

well, the do run on lib tears after all Read more

How is he even still a thing Read more