You don’t need to buy those food grade small packets. You would need a lot more. Look for molecular sieve desiccant beads. The kind that you can recharge. You can get a jar of those for cheap.  Read more

Also, sometimes it can be so hot outside that the air condenser cannot be cooled properly especially while parked. At that point, heat transfer won’t be efficient and only get slightly cool air. Get the car moving to get cooler air blowing through Read more

I don’t think she cares if Walensky answers any of her question. Hobgoblin is just using congress as her platform for her misinformation or whatever political agenda. Read more

I find it easier to use 409 and paper towel on luggage for every trip. Been doing it for years. Read more

Nah, that odor is accumulation of dried semen in tissue under the bed. Read more

Beauty-Beast is #1? What?! I recently rewatched the original and the live action remake back to back with my daughter. While we had fun watching the original, we both agreed the live action remake is soo boring that even my daughter was skipping scenes just to get through it. Read more

Also most cause of leaky shower head (during use, not when it’s turned off) is over tightening of the shower head upon installation. If it's already leaking after installation, it's already broken and should get another one.  Read more

I approve the method that involves the least amount of work   Read more

Man, Shia LaBeouf needs to get it together. He looks like shit! Read more

I find it weird for a Lifehacker article that has no mention of the site’s very own Skillet section. Read more

Board retained two law firms? Was one of them “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm”? Read more

Just updated the firmware and tried it out on my phone. Now instead of showing up as DualShock controller, it shows up as 8bitDo SN30 Pro+. Also, the layout defaults to Switch style buttons. Fortunately, the iOS allows me to reconfigure the layout.  Read more

I've been using my SN 30 Pro+ on my iphone for a while now (granted, it's detected as dualshock controller). Might have to check this out later to see what's changed.  Read more

There’s also a video out there from someone in the back filming Jada and Will and you can tell Jada was laughing after the slap. Read more

Clapping is like hitting the snare. I've never heard it on the first beat.  Read more

use Notepad with block format paragraph and word wrap turned on. Then copy-paste all to a “word processor” and start formatting.  Read more