Jun 30

Here’s an idea...

Maybe not EVERYTHING needs to be a hero shooter or battle royale or even multiplayer. We have Overwatch, we have Fortnite, we have Apex Legends, and we have many, many, many, many, many, many, many, too goddamn many others of all kinds of shapes and sizes all competing for the same audience. That Read more

Jun 29

Ah, didn’t see the dicks. Thought it looked like Pikachu from behind, and the diamond was the asshole. 

Jun 24

> you may be surprised to learn that the term “cracker” is used as an ironic honorific by Floridians and Georgians of long standing.

And you may be surprised what word people of color use as an ironic honorific.

Jun 24

I blame the affiliation with Bass Pro Shops for teaching crews how to tie no-slip knots, which are common for attaching fishing lures

Jun 24

So the current “explanation” going around my racist family is that it was the pull handle for the garage.” Read more

Jun 23

Not pictured: whatever filing cabinet, ottoman or IKEA storage cupboard Sakurai must use to store the ridiculous rat’s nest of controllers for that many systems.

Jun 22

Sony removed Facebook integration from the PS4 and probably all future consoles.

Jun 22

That’s fucking nuts. If I had been in charge I would have split that money and gave it to a few thousand smaller streamers. That would have made the service more attractive to viewers.

Jun 22

Well Ninja alone got something like a 20-30 million deal to move over...maybe they should have invest more in the platform than on one guy. XD

Jun 22

Yeah but the speculation that Ninja got a 10+ million (apparently is more like 20-30 million!!) deal to move to mixer, I don’t think Ninja cares one bit what is going to happen next, because he can do whatever he wants with that cash lol.

The others smaller streamers that switch over though...good luck to them?