BBQ & Steak Judge

I think the Roadhouse we got here a while back helped kill off the local Outback. Read more

It means stuff we made up to get you to buy our made up report. Read more

Buy them all now and flip them as vintage on eBay!!! Read more

What about the CCPs? (Concealed Carry Pie)

These reports are worse than useless. You are not going to search for the things you already know. Read more

This is a cash grab by a “lawyer” who should be disbarred for taking this “case”. Read more

Perhaps she lost her openAI login to have chatgpt write the post. Read more

Not only are SUVs bad for everyone outside of the car — they crash test terribly for drivers and passengers inside the SUV as well due to their stiffer frames. SUVs and trucks are designed to act as battering rams instead of crumpling on impact. That sends the energy of the crash into the fragile human bodies inside Read more

But OpenAI makes anyone a journalist. ;) Read more

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write a blog post about tiktok trend rat snack Read more

It’s not a waygu burger. It’s regular ground beef with SOME added waygu. Read more

Well a big purchase of coke stock kinda helped that along. Read more

Man, who pissed in your cereal this morning? Read more

From the article you did not read: “The Grand Tour also visited the circuit during the second season of the Amazon streaming series.” Read more

Exactly what went through my mind too. Read more

As someone who only cooks out of necessity, it’s not often that I find myself on the hunt for a cookbook.” Read more