Make Cornbread Not War
Mar 31

On average, Girl Scout council net revenue is approximately 65–75 percent of the local retail price, and the amount that is shared with participating Girl Scout troops and groups, referred to as troop proceeds, is approximately 10–20 percent of the local retail price

Mar 25

Why did I read this? The opinion of anyone in the UK about anything in the US hasn’t mattered since the late 70s, that’s 1770.

Mar 9

GS cookies are a scam. Sold by parents to coworkers, (pre 2020) and/or go to my kid’s order page. Teaches the kids nothing and is as good a fundraiser as “collect pull tabs for cancer”. Yes, the same is true for candy bars, popcorn, et al.

Mar 8

Star for being a fellow fan of Sam. Catch him on the BBQ Central podcast. Sam videos drop Mon, Wed, Fri. Annnnnd we watch.

Mar 2

Grilled PB w/ strawberry jelly and almost crisp bacon on sourdough. Pile of chips on the side and you eat the sando over the chips and let it drip.