Rick Allen's Left Arm

You’re a fucking idiot. It’s 100% on the car. Read more

Now that the massed shooting glass ceiling has been broken, which segment of society can we blame now?  Read more

They wrote it in crayon on the windshield, but somebody licked it off.
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Meanwhile, Pathway - the center that has turned hundreds of lives around and was featured in Thank You For Your Service (which nobody saw despite critical acclaim, since trying to push a movie about PTSD doesn’t fit the newsworthiness standards of coverage here or elsewhere) - got shot up today by someone who fell Read more

“White boys (not only white boys, but especially) are taught not just that they’re entitled to a perfect female partner/servant in the way Bancroft describes, but also that they’re entitled to high status because of their maleness and whiteness; that being white and male are precious gifts that no one can ever take Read more

“but if you are diverse in thought GTFO” Read more

Isn’t Rotten Tomatoes banning negative audience scores because of an alt-right Facebook page that has called on people to mark the film down? Read more

Sometimes Chris Harris will tell you something isn’t a fire.


I’ve seen a shocking number of Millennial moms with the “It’s my body, I’ll do what I fucking want while pregnant” attitude. Heavy drinking, smoking (tobacco and weed), and staying out to all hours of the night partying. I know it’s not PC, but damn it, it’s not just your body. If you’re planning on carrying that kid Read more

Patrick’s Advice: Be a cuck. Read more

Considering the article is about fingering vaginas, I would expect people that don’t sleep with women need not apply. And it does apply to anyone who does happen to sleep with women regardless of their own gender. Read more

The Root is the black FOX NEWS. Read more

You know what Beth. It’s sad that you spend your dumbass life criticizing santa and imagination. Your journalism sucks as much as your lack of creativity and imagination. Read more

What if I told you that the parade is fun? What if I told you the Broadway numbers were full of talented individuals? What if I told you that these “commercials” are already things that we watch and enjoy and for children (who the parade is really for anyway), watching their favorite characters come to life is Read more

You sound like a joy to be around, Beth. I wish you and your many cats a great Thanksgiving! Read more

This story only emphasizes the importance of communications. They clearly had only a short range VHF radio, and not the longer range HF. They seem not to have had an emergency beacon, standard equipment on ocean-going boats. Also, they had only one phone; I’m assuming it was a satellite phone. If they had an HF set, a