Mar 13 2016

If this made her feel powerful and helped with her healing, then that’s awesome but I’m troubled by the idea that a dominatrix is inherently powerful (and that male submissives are inherently safe). Read more

Mar 9 2016

Can we just get it in our heads that it is not solely the duty of infertile people to carry the burden of our foster care systems? This woman has already adopted three anyways, but it seems like whenever an infertile person seeks to birth a biological child there are a bunch of people just waving their hands around Read more

Mar 9 2016

This is the biggest problem, figuring out who’s actually going to turn out to vote. In 2008, polls underestimated the amount of young people and minorities that would turn out. In 2010 and 2014, they overestimated the amount that would turn out. In 2012 they were actually pretty accurate. Read more

Mar 7 2016

Well, we were still there, so let’s see: my friend got her face licked by a washed up actor, some guy asked if I was “eastern European” and then tried to put his arm around my waist, I was standing next to both James O’Keefe and Charles Johnson for a time, and then I went back to the hotel and ate M&Ms and left for Read more

Mar 5 2016

Haha yeah. I honestly can’t believe how uneducated (and privileged) that statement was.

Feb 26 2016

Its almost like people with tempers or impulse control issues should be the de facto shooter profile and not the mentally ill.

Feb 25 2016

It seems like there was no space between the name ‘Sumi Jo’ and the verb ‘was’, which is the correct verb instead of ‘were’ there. Then ‘were’ got reinserted somehow. It’s a typo/cut and paste error, I think, not a research error.

Feb 25 2016

Actually, I just realized that it’s “Sumi Jowas” because of a typo. The sentence likely originally read “she was not invited to perform,” then was edited to add in that Sumi Jo wasn’t invited either, and somehow the original “was” didn’t get edited out.

Feb 24 2016

From my experience as a cop many women recant their stories for whatever reason, and I can’t judge that. Read more

Feb 23 2016

“Someone did, my love.” That phrasing makes me love her fifty times more, for some reason. FIFTY THOUSAND BUCKS, YOU ASSHOLES.