Aug 13

There is absolutely a market cap since EVs don’t work for a huge part of the market that ICE vehicles do work for. Read more

Aug 13

1st gear - flag mount. Punisher motif US flag/Confederate flag/Blue-lives matter flag, grills with the same motif, tail light with the same same motif.  I know I’m missing a few things.

Aug 12

You buy it for the ride height. Taller cars are better at everything that matters to regular people. CUVs are easier to get into/out of. The trunk floor and child seats are already at waist height. It’s tall enough to clear curbs and gravel roads without worrying (compared to sedans which might clear curbs, but you’re Read more

Aug 12

I’m sure they’re great, but we can’t keep doing this thing where we get upset that we lose cars in our market because no one buys them. Read more

Aug 12

The six people who care about the Elantra GT hatchback must be so upset.

Aug 12

And there’s the answer for it’s demise. It seemed good to most, but not good enough to be the first choice. And given how little I’ve seen about it, even on this site, it seems like the writing was on the wall.

Aug 12

So we’re going to ignore that simple solution of “Stand there and take off your mask for a minute so we can identify you on camera, then you are free to put it back on.”  Instead, we need to punish the marxist leftists by taking away their precious masks.  What the fuck is even wrong with these people?  How long until Read more

Aug 12

If someone shooting up the place was actually his concern, they could very easily have everyone pull their mask down outside in a designated space in view of the security cameras, and then pull it back up. Read more

Aug 12

As my ‘people’ are from CO, I never understood but Aurora seems to be the ‘Florida’ of CO.

Aug 11

I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming it’s a joke about how every time Hyundai does anything some chucklebutt will come in claiming it looks exactly like an Audi that it doesn’t look like.