Dude in the Ford Edge said “I gotta see this shit up close. Okay. I’m out!”

Aug 10

By the same logic, when Trump was successfully sued by the DOJ for housing discrimination and had secretly marked the applications of minorities with codes, such as “No. 9” and “C” for “colored,” that would also make Trump a racist.
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Aug 3

I always tell people the story of how I got suspended in 9th grade after reading the line “slavery was not bad all of the time. They were allowed to garden, grow their own crops, and even had recreation time” in my history book. I yelled out “WHAT IS THIS BULL SHIT!” and was immediately sent to the dean of discipline. Read more

Aug 3

This is the equivalent of the special guest you pick up at the bar with your beer goggles fully activated. Ferrari at night, Toyota in the morning.

Aug 1

What did I just read? LOL. We obviously need to have a peacock related section on Jalopnik now. And I apparently need to get out more.

Jul 31

Bird shit is even worse and should you live in an area like me where peacocks roam free (that’s an interesting story.) Read more

Jul 30

Wait, a sensible reply here in the “rants” section? Easy there pal! :)