Rex Musculus
Feb 26

Why’s that? “The Big Lebowski” existed, which means that Jeff Bridges exists, and damn if The Dude doesn’t look just like Obadiah Stone.

Feb 3

I hear you on that! I moved from Roku - which has a super clean interface that simply shows you which apps you have - to Android TV. It took some getting used to, since Android floods you with recommended content and almost de-emphasizes the apps themselves.

Jan 27

ABC News in Australia reports the “invasive” new test is being used outside of Beijing in places like the city of Guangzhou, where one social media user reported her anal swab was administer on her 14th day of quarantine. She also got an oral swab, according to the news outlet. Read more

Jan 24

There was the adulterous/affair focused site Ashley Madison that got hacked a while ago!

Jan 22

I read that more as a play on 1970s era gender roles and patriarchy. Women can't be doctors, but if they work hard enough they can be a nurse.

Dec 1

On Android, this presents as one long list. I didn't realize it was a slideshow until your comment!

Nov 28

As of now, the only Chromecast capable of supporting it is the Chromecast Ultra. Which, if you pre-order the game, Google will send you for free along with the Stadia controller. In the near future, they plan to allow support on the Chromecast with Google TV. Read more

Nov 28

Stadia is supported on MUCH more than just the Chromecast Ultra. You can play on any Android phone or tablet, any Mac, or any PC. No need for a gaming PC, just something that can run Chrome.

Nov 28

Who has to pay for the service? It is literally free. No need to pay monthly, and no need to buy any equipment. You just get the game for $60 and they give you the rest for free. No subscription necessary, no $500 for a new PS5, no gaming PC you have to build and maintain.

Nov 27

As someone in their late 30s who hasn't owned a gaming PC or console in about a decade, I am stoked for this. I've got my Stadia version of Cyberpunk 2077 pre-ordered and can't wait to sink my teeth into it. Don't need to spend hundreds of extra dollars for a console to play a damn good looking game. And I've got Read more

Oct 15

I fully and completely miss the days when Google Hangouts could serve as my texting app. They had it so perfectly integrated together, and it was the closest thing Android has ever had to iMessage. But then they wanted us to use Allo or some crap, so they divorced texting to another app. It's all gone downhill from Read more