Rex Musculus
Feb 22

To be really obnoxious--not fully.  Robert Lopez, half of the husband/wife team, helped Parker and Stone with the music and lyrics for Book of Mormon.  He also co-wrote with Jeff Marx the Ave Q songs (and with Marx wrote the songs for the Scrubs musical episode).  He started working with his wife--and got on the Read more

Feb 3

I really wish I could just have a *clean* homescreen. No recommendations bullshit. I know what I want to watch and how I want to watch it, I don’t need twenty new services advertised to me on my homescreen. Read more

Jan 14

I think CBS will redeem themselves with the upcoming 10-part Langoliers mini series.

Dec 18

Vito screaming “FUCK ME!” upon seeing it’s still nowhere near his lunch break is the show’s single funniest moment. So relatable.

Dec 14

This launch on Stadia has been great for me. I don’t have a lot of time to play games so i’m much less likely to invest in a gaming pc or the latest console. I got a free controller and chromecast from google. Bought the game and fired it up the day of and everything worked great (for me). No patches, no set up. If it Read more

Nov 28

It’s so good! The finale is perfect, tying the whole season together. I won't say more so as not to Spoil. I can’t wait for this show to come back.

Nov 28

It’s really great and definitely scratches that itch -- it’s like a sweeter, less judgmental verison of Nathan for You. Doesn’t hit as hard with the jokes but is kinda oddly touching at times? 

Nov 28

Being whelmed should be a fantastic review. You seem to not realize that its easily possible to have shitty hardware but decent internet.

Nov 28

This. I’m tired of 20 somethings crapping on Stadia (or GeForce Now) because they can’t admit their internet connections aren’t as good as they thought they were.

Between next gen consoles, incredible AMD performance and cloud gaming EVERYONE is a winner. EVERYONE.

Nov 28

Stadia works great for me, so does Geforce Now. I prefer Geforce Now personally because I still have a decent PC at home, but I’m on-the-go alot so GFN is a nice supplement; However if I didn’t have my setup I would be perfectly happy with Stadia. I think Stadia will do just fine with Cyberpunk and will help it draw Read more

Nov 28

While you are clearly exaggerating (no one needs $5k Hardware every year) which doesn’t help in an argument, I’m with you on this one. Read more

Nov 28

Actually, Stadia the service is completely free at its base level. You are limited to 1080p and stereo sound if you don’t pay for pro, which also comes with a pretty solid library of included games. Read more

Nov 27

Looks...fine? Jesus, you guys really got a hard-on for shitting on Stadia. Not everybody gets free PS5's and Intel i9 CPU’s. What’s your problem with working-class people getting to play the same games as you without spending $5k on bleeding-edge hardware every year? Read more

Nov 6

The show is not subtle and it is rarely clever.  There’s no reason to think the Frog Lady is anything other than she seems to be.  Her motivation to protect her eggs was obviously legit. 

Oct 30

Not gonna lie, as great as everything else was about this episode, my favorite thing about it was Timothy Olyphant playing the marshal of a frontier mining town and W. Earl Brown playing the saloon barkeep.

Sep 25

The Boys (HBO Max, Friday, 3:01 a.m.) 

The episode is already available.  And it’s on Amazon Prime, not HBO.