Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius
Jun 15

What are you talking about? They still wave the Confederate flag during the last lap.

Jun 10

I’ll have you know I swim in the Detroit river every summer and it’s left me with a healthy green glow. 

Jun 10

Recently both the Navy and Marines have moved forward with plans to prohibit the Confederate flag...

Jun 8

CaN yOu StAy AwAy FrOm PoLiTiCs

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Jun 3

Great news! The chassis could definitely handle more power, and if it’s going to have the same output as what you get in the CX-5 turbo, then this thing suddenly turned into a GTI/Si competitor; but with a much nicer interior.

May 13

Don’t take Precidia if you’re allergic to Precidia.

May 12

A certain segment of the Wrangler’s target demographic would love that. They’d never stop talking about how it’s “military grade” or “tactical” while pointing out all of their stickers that mimic the warning labels on military vehicles.

Apr 20

um, any vehicle will float for a while. Just like any vehicle is also a very short haul airplane or single use off-roader.