Drakkon- Most Glorious and Upright Person of Genius
Dec 22 2017
Partially Merry Christmas
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I was stoked to see the tape come off, but then disaster struck. From the front, it look nails. From the back... I

May 22 2017
So this happened
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Let it be known that this came from the part of St Louis County known for hostile policing

Apr 28 2017
Hot to Not
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What car started out good looking and then got worse as that generation reached extinction? Example:

Apr 19 2017
The Stig in a GT40?
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OK, so I’m crazy. But anyway. I remember or I think I remember the Stig driving a GT40. Probably not a real car,

Oct 6 2016
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OOoh. It looks like it does. Not sure which part I enjoy more. The action or the trailer hitch.