6/11/21 1:37PM

You’re right, the rant does fall apart if you change one of the words in the quote to another word.

6/09/21 8:58PM

Considering the rate that EA pumps out games, I am comfortable theorizing that this could act as a prologue of events 100 years before 2142 and they could very well use this title as a game mechanics testing ground for a proper 2142 game in about 2-5 years from now. I say with certainty that BF2142 was also one of my Read more

6/09/21 2:15PM

Lol yeah, because qualified immunity, police unions, and the “blue brotherhood” are doing so much to self-regulate their bad apples. It’s okay for you to be stupid and naive. It’s not okay for you to be ignorant and proud. Read more

6/09/21 1:57PM

Now this is just the dumbest take. How many of the “350M people in this country” even have interactions with police to begin with? You’re moving the goal is a very big way. The fact that this shit happens (and is documented) all. the. time. is just fucking unacceptable. Our LEO culture is just plain broken and we need Read more

6/09/21 1:39PM

a lot of those injuries are from people struggling and thrashing, but even people literally passed out from booze or meth would come in with torn up wrists and hands turning purple
Read more

6/03/21 8:59PM

Y’all ain’t never gettin’ that book.

It’s a meme at this point, and Martin knows it. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised in the least to hear that he got 1/4th of the way into it and said “waitaminute, I’m rich, fuck this...why should I spend so much time and energy on a book a bunch of whiny so-called “fans” are Read more

6/03/21 7:48AM

...please consider the fact that Amazon is a company of liars who cannot be trusted.
Read more

6/02/21 11:23PM

did you even read past the word “baity”? saying “you have a week to opt out” implies you have ONLY a week. doctors don’t say “you have a week to live” when saying “you have an operation in a week and will be off your feet for a while so take care of anything you need to now!”. their entire job is to write words, so Read more

6/02/21 3:34AM
59’s concern-trolling and virtue-signalling wrapped-up in a nice, shiny package. I tend to slur my speech even when I’m sober, and with my history of drinking, it leads to a lot of, “Are you OK?” or “How you feeling?” with a grim nod. Read more

6/01/21 4:13PM

This sentiment is...misguided. There’s nowhere in human history to which you can rewind where you can’t make the same claim about inventions and conveniences at the time. Read more

6/01/21 11:09AM

It’s not *quite* accusing someone of Nazi sympathies because they once owned a VW Beetle made in the ‘70s, but it’s only a step or two removed from it.

6/01/21 10:52AM

We really doing this? Really? I mean we have Texas trying to take away the right to vote for anyone that isn’t white, actually seasons their food and can clap on the 2 & 4 and this is what you’re concerned with? I am all for multi-tasking but I am also for priorities and this ain’t it. Unless you have footage of her Read more

6/01/21 10:37AM

There’s really not much of anything here. The headline and the beginning of the story made it sound like Erin from The Office was burning crosses and shit. Nope, she attended some corny debutante ball thing that has a racist past. Most of the US has a racist past. Read more

6/01/21 10:16AM

Am I missing something? I see no connection other than the origins of the festival or party or whatever that would tie her to KKK leanings. If dumbass Black people wanted to join that bullshit, that’s of course their choice but I don’t see where she was personally connected to the KKK or even racism. I also think it’s Read more

5/28/21 1:28PM

You want to use something like autopilot you should have to have a camera on you. Sorry but people show they are too stupid and selfish for good things.

5/24/21 5:44PM

I was interested in this.  But slideshow. Sorry Lawrence.