12/11/18 2:09PM

The politics of a lot of movies are muddled enough to count as not really to my liking. But I don’t particularly care for the vigilante-lionizing, pick-yourself-up-by-your-personal-responsibility-bootstraps tone of EQUALIZER 2, but enjoyed it well enough as an old-man action movie. Similar thoughts about SICARIO 2, Read more

12/11/18 11:40AM

Yeah, I’m not a HUGE fan of the whole RPO deal, but I mean, Steven Spielberg directed it, and you can definitely tell, which for me makes it by definition pretty far from a worst-of list. 

12/11/18 9:58AM

They wrote that it botches the Scandinavian crime genre, not that it’s set in Scandinavia. Maybe read properly first before you accuse others of ineptitude?

11/29/18 1:34PM

I just looked outside.  The sky is indeed the color of a television tuned to a dead channel.

11/29/18 1:15PM

At times I feel like we’re living in a William Gibson novel.

11/20/18 3:58PM

I laughed very hard at the beginning, but it was pretty far from the original in terms of tone. The original has a lot of excellent set up in editing, lots of slow comedy and some great physical humor. Paul Feig relied WAY too much on improv from a pretty talented cast. There were lots of one off jokes, and not much Read more

11/20/18 3:21PM

Oscar Isaac’s weirdly stilted “I declare him...tobeanOUTLAAAAAAAAAAWis the real legacy of the 2010 Robin Hood. I never saw the film but it was all over the trailers and TV spots for some reason, and it still makes me laugh (Though not as hard as I did when I found out that was Oscar Isaac, which only happened like a Read more

11/20/18 3:08PM

The Robin Hood thing looks like Kingsmen: The Plague Years.

11/16/18 12:31PM

His bar of what makes someone “innocent” is so low that that distinction is meaningless.

11/16/18 12:23PM

The weirdest thing about that was that it was created by the son of Andy Partridge of XTC.

11/16/18 10:37AM

I actually liked Luhrman’s Gatsby. He was overly obvious here and there for sure, but the party sequences called for exactly his brand of spectacle (check out the 1970s version, you’ve never seen such a dull shindig in your life), Toby McGuire was a great choice to play the naif (I love Sam Waterson, but the dude’s Read more

11/16/18 9:31AM

*Superman reflects on how hard it is to be a hero while standing in front of a depiction of the crucifixion of Christ*

11/16/18 8:11AM

I feel like the Wachowskis got the comic but were trying to take the framework and tell a different story.  Snyder,  not so much

11/16/18 8:06AM

I’ve come to terms with the Wachowski Sister’s changes to V for Vendetta. Mostly because they updated the story to from a criticism of Thatcher to a criticism of Bush. Read more

11/16/18 8:05AM

Watchmen should be taught in a masterclass alongside Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby as case studies of directors being lavishly faithful to the surface-level text while giving the impression they’ve never even heard of subtext.

11/12/18 3:22PM

Hi Spoiler. I did that account, and later the Skrull Stan version. Sadly those accounts didn’t survive the Kinjapocalypse. But I think it would only be appropriate for Skrull Stan to make one last appearance to make The Smilin’ One’s passing from this reality. So here goes: Read more

11/12/18 2:17PM

Don’t be sad. He had a really good, long run. Now he rests. Instead, smile and remember all the good shit he gave to the world.