6/16/20 4:01PM

I actually watched this last night. Like other Glazer films it leans a tad too hard into the Kubrick mannerisms, and the ending is rather neat, though at the same time I can’t think of another way it could’ve ended. But it’s mesmerizingly eerie and the performances are fantastic across the board. I miss Lauren Bacall.

10/09/18 2:07PM

Because of his guy I will never be able to get the phrase “Zendaya is Meechee” out of my head. I I ever say that aloud people will think that I’m having a stroke. 

9/21/18 11:34AM

Stuff like that is pretty annoying, but when I rewatched The Dark Knight for the billionth time recently I realized that dialogue is pretty close to stuff we’d get in an actual comic book. Same with the jokes that the Jokers goons say in the beginning during the bank robbery. 

9/17/18 1:01PM

I like Joaquin playing him because now I can pretend that The Master is a Joker origin story. 

9/14/18 3:27PM

I had no idea How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days had such an intricate and convoluted plot.

9/07/18 7:12PM

Look, it’s simply bad taste and/or stupid and insensitive to cast someone who you know is a sex offender to act with someone who you also know went through being sexually harassed (in this case it’s obviously Olivia and what she went through with Brett Ratner).

9/07/18 7:06PM

It’s really too bad. I didn’t like most of his music but the guy had a really interesting artistic evolution.

8/30/18 8:16PM

He could pull it off by accessing some of the darkness in the Dwight character. Steve Carell pulled it off with his Office character in Foxcatcher!