Mar 23 2018

Except it’s not the opposite? He’s literally saying, “My game isn’t sexist, but it does treat women as little more than sex objects and rewards for the male protagonists”, which is textbook narrative sexism. Read more

Mar 23 2018

1. no
2. the warning in this case was the dev putting a chip on their shoulder to dare anyone into getting into a fight about it
3. “triggered” is a really tacky meme that undermines the lives of PTSD sufferers and abuse victims, please knock it off

Mar 23 2018

How so very very “I’m not racist, but”

Nov 30 2017

When I was a kid, the media ofyen referred to him as a ladies’ man or a sex symbol, which confused me to no end because I thought he was just icky. I honestly wonder how many of his infamous encounters were consensual.

Nov 29 2017

Ugh. I need to shower with some steel wool even after watching only part of that interview. It explains a lot about Rivera. And that Cain interviewer. Yeesh, he reminds me of Billy Bush during the infamous pussy grabbing interview with Trump. Like getting off vicariously from The lechernous of others.

Sep 12 2017

If you had asked me that when I was a new mother, I would have told “mommy porn” would be me watching someone else (anyone- I have no standards) clean my house, do laundry and change diapers while I rest for just one fucking minute.

Sep 12 2017

Thats for Pewdiepie, not Patricia. She’s the bee’s knees!

Aug 6 2017

No please. You may have missed the significant outrage in the first few splatfests when a more popular team won a splatfest despite a lower win percentage. The developers changed the calculation based on that feedback

Aug 6 2017

I can’t star this enough. There is NOTHING wrong with Pearl. Only people who can only value a female character based on their level of sexual attraction to them. Read more