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Erm... Escorting a German Shepherd in a first class seat?! How would I apply for this gig? That’s my dream job. Read more

This little guy just reached for my credit card: Read more

Travelling at relativistic speeds is good for the skin. Or so I’ve heard... Read more

Hands off. He’s British, and therefore our Crown Jewel. Any more of this talk and he goes in the tower for safe keeping... Read more

I’m gonna be honest. I misread that title and was expecting a rapidly reproducing plant Read more

I’m gonna be honest. I misread that title and was expecting a rapidly reproducing plant

Meh, I’ll wait for it on Netflix Read more

Military/emergency/agrictultural/civil services etc. As I said, something for the public good or for the service of the country as a whole. Paid. Criminal record? Not sure. I’m musing, not writing a policy. I’m also pretty certain that serious criminal records pretty much eliminates your chance of election anyhow. Read more

Yeah, good point, it’s not like the cities need food, materials, finished goods or maintained rural areas to vacation in Read more

Considering his actions and reputation during his service. I am totally cool with this. Read more

I don’t get the Tinder hate, I had a great couple of years of singledom on there before actually meeting my now wife on a tinder date. Read more

I don’t know specifically, but they’re probably Scottish, likely from Glasgow. Read more

Nope, really don’t care about the speaker. Nothing against it in principle, but not keen on shelling out for something that’s not really going to get used. Read more

Now you’re just shooting down ideas Read more

I was put in the brig on a type 22 frigate. I was 7 years old and it lasted 20 mins. Read more

So basically whatever enough of congress decides it to be? Read more

It’s my understanding that impeachment can be whatever Congress decides it to be, legality of action doesn’t even come into it. Read more

I just use the cloud - multiple drop box, pay for iCloud to store my photos, use spotify for music. Anything on my computer are movies and TV shows that I should probably get rid of and clear space on anyway. Read more

Thank you! This is something I’ve paid no heed to before and now I know something I previously didn’t. Read more

I have to agree, I’ve finished watching it last night at 2am, I just had to keep watching, I loved it. Is it perfect? Nope. But light years better than the reviews lead me to believe. Read more

Yeh., obviously I’m not building out a budget, but essentially the total costing is borne in materials (steel tubing, low level electric current) and labour. The materials are pretty cheap, especially in that part of the world, and the labour is generally provided for free by NGOs and local dive schools “giving back”. Read more