Gloomy Tree (formerly Puddglum)

Dressing conservatively doesn’t help, I dress as a nun almost and I still receive lusty looks while I hear a man saying “I wonder what you’re hiding” or hear comments about my feet.
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One of mine from a while ago: Read more

This one time, I wish the stars could be replaced with hearts. Read more

I asked my roommate to move out. Things have been pretty shitty since the day she moved in and I’ve been trying my best to be understanding of her issues. She stole every bit of alcohol in my house and I let it go but last week she went into my bedroom and stole alcohol I had hidden there. I couldn’t overlook the Read more

I had a friend who was Hot. So Hot. She confessed to me (like it was a bad thing) that she had lost the amount of weight you are talking about. She resented every compliment she received because she felt they wouldn’t have been made when she was heavier. Read more

I stood up for myself yesterday with a pain in the arse coworker, and I’m still shaking. I’m heaps proud of myself though. She’s forever late, dicks around on the job, is rude to patrons, and even shows up to work high. She was 45 minutes late yesterday and I was on my own and super busy, and there was nothing from Read more

Litmus tests work when you have a decent amount of control of your financial stability, place of residence, and physical safety, but when you don’t, exposing anything may cause detrimental effects to anyone of the three. Read more

Thanks, Jinni. I think it’s an important and interesting conversation you’ve opened, it was really just that wording that hit my soft spots. Read more

Did you ask the nice lady if the dog could pee inside at her house? Read more

Hey guys I know I haven’t been commenting as much as used to. I just got out of a 11 yr relationship and I feel kinda lost, actually I feel very lost and sad as fuck. My whole life is there, his family meant the world to me, we adopted a dog together and that’s the thing that’s been hurting the most I can’t watch Read more

So, I did the super cliche thing on the Day of Visibility and came out as trans today to my friends and family who did not already know (all but about 6 people). It honestly went great. Tons of support, including from some family members I had feared might not be on board, no warnings that my soul would be condemned Read more

I am officially a dog mom! I am really happy. But man— this week has been a challenge! She is now 10 weeks old. I got her last Friday, I noticed something seemed wrong, and I took her to the vet on Wednesday. She has a mild case of kennel cough, an ear infection, and a tummy parasite :( She acts normal, is eating and Read more

I’m a 33 year old woman and I am experiencing a sexual awakening. Read more

To survive in that insane family with a narcissistic witch mother and flying monkey family members, I hid as much of myself, my feelings, everything, just so that stuff didn’t get trampled on and used against me. So, basically everything in me has been pushed down because of said terrible family situation where I was Read more

Love Your Kitties thread:

Elon’s father is a triflin’ asshole, but his mother on the hand...BAMF....

I remember waving to somebody that was actually waving to somebody behind me like 20 years ago. That dude’s statement is nonsense. Read more

I hate him, too, and I agree—super punchable face. I just hate that people are bagging on the tattoo specifically, as if that is what made him a douche. That tattoo on a different person would be perfectly lovely.
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Nope, I simply can’t stand the sight of him. For me it goes all the way back to Good Will Hunting. He has always had an extremely punchable face... the tattoo does nothing to enhance or detract from the Affleck specific disdain I have. Read more