7:33 AM

Now that you mention college tuition and their desire for young people to study, wouldn’t it make sense for the junior competitors to receive their prize money in the form of scholarship money?

1:14 PM

As a developer, everything about this worries me. It sounds eerily similar to mobile development’s race to the bottom and we all know how that ended: A glutted market full of often low-quality experiences churned out by imitator studios. I’m fine with offering low cost enjoyable gaming experiences, but I worry about

6:33 PM

Taking the ball home and not playing is not what got is in this mess. It’s a combination of a very poorly run Clinton campaign (we can all agree on this, she lost the Rust Belt and that’s why she lost), overexposure of Trump on media outlets, neutering of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 by the supreme court (probably

6:24 PM

The English translation is being written at this very moment by Kotaku’s own Tim Rogers, who will have much more to say about Moon once he’s able.

5:31 PM

I eagerly wait the 2 hour 50 minute video rendition of Tim’s painstaking work on the Japanese to English translations, complete with subtitles.

5:29 PM

HELL YES I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY THIS GAME; here’s a link to the direct where this was announced:

5:04 PM

That is super fucking cool that Tim is getting to do that! He really seems to love the nuances of translation, so I’m really stoked that he got this opportunity!

4:53 PM

Is your argument then for those competing against Biden now, for the nomination and for whom each believes is better suited to be the nominee, to *not* focus on arguably Biden’s most significant disqualifier (his very cognitive ability)?

3:55 PM

Also: Trump doesn’t need ammo. As you said, he’ll invent whatever insults/misinformation he needs, no matter who the candidate is. Whoever is standing at the lectern across from him is going to get a bunch of shit thrown at ’em.

3:48 PM

You think that you’re the only galaxy brain who can see that Biden is doing The Great Sundowning right before our eyes? It’s not like if YOU don’t talk about it, people won’t notice. 

3:46 PM

Maybe, and stick with me here, sometimes candidates lose because of their flaws and not because of people impolitely pointing out their flaws.

3:46 PM

I like how Albert literally quotes an argument just like this from an actual commenter on another article and you refer to this as a “strawman argument.”

3:45 PM

Fucking hell, man, the man’s brain being mush is an important fucking issue. It’s not “free ammo” for Trump. It’s incredibly germane to the question of whether he should be the nominee and/or the president. It’s a much bigger difference between him and the candidates with working brains than their healthcare proposals

3:43 PM

The idea that shit-talking a candidate during a primary harms them in the general was probably never very true, and most assuredly isn’t true at all now. The overwhelming majority of people in this country know who they will vote for next November based solely on the letter by their name. Modern American elections are

3:40 PM

There’s a nice harmony between the content of this comment and the speed with which you posted it, in that they both demonstrate incontrovertibly that you couldn’t be bothered to actually read the article.

1:43 PM

While I understand RPers wanting to have their fun, and don’t begrudge them it at all, I think this is a hard thing to give a ‘canon’ answer to, as it kind of goes to the crux of the plot right now. The Scions are stranded on the First because there is no easy way to traverse the shards.

I think it’s pretty obvious

10:23 AM

I was not expecting chill U.S. Open ball person to be my Monday motivation to be upbeat and not to let little annoyances at my job get me down, but here we are.