I’ve been reading and largely agreeing with what you’re putting out there. Even if the responses have been shortsighted. But I feel the need to mention something about one aspect of your criticism: Luke’s Australian.

He may have been emotionally invested on behalf of his peers and readership, but I don’t think he’s Read more

Mitch could whip his whole party in line in a day or two, why can’t any of the Dems leaders do the same? Read more

It’s almost like after he promised $2,000, $600 has already gone out and the House is set to vote on the remaining $1,400 later this week or something ... Read more

He said he’d push for that. Which he has and is trying to get pushed through. The government is not that simple. The Democrats do not have a filibuster proof majority to get the stimulus passed, so right now it’s stuck in limbo trying to negotiate with right-wing asshats who as usual do not want to approve anything Read more

Everyone says this but you know we will revolt when companies pass the increased labor costs on to the consumer and a PS6 costs $1000. Read more

lol, you want to replace one shitty human with another? Hopefully, that was sarcasm
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Honest question, are you referring to the hedge funds doing the shorting or people like Gill who act like they’re just out to even the playing field but are actually getting people to inflate stocks he’s personally invested in so he can make a shit ton of money?
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Hol’ up.

Ordinarily I’d be all about someone calling out the Oscars’ bullshit, but this just reeks of an edgelord emo teen screaming in your face “Look how much I keep it real with how dark and edgy I am! LOVE ME!” Read more

People who don’t see this as a problem obviously never worked retail before.  Read more

Should have kicked Karen off the flight. Read more

Wait, before we get into the news, which is important, what’s really important is these kente cloth-wearing white people because that shit was hilarious. And so was the kneeling. I mean I know that the GOP is off the hook in their craziness, and as the secretary of minutes for the black folks, I have to say that this Read more

Any time she tweets now, she gets an army of Karens in her mentions saying “I follow you for music not politics, I will never listen to your songs again” and whatnot. It brings me great pleasure to imagine them hearing one of her songs in the supermarket and turning incandescently red with rage.
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>>“He adds that he saw the phrase and “copied from others.” Read more

The new phrase, BLM means burn, loot and murder, not Black Lives Matter,” White said. Read more

‘an inevitable Covid cure in a few months!’

There isn’t even any concrete evidence that birds are real.
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On the debate about renewable energy, Harris will say something intellectual, poignant, and very Democratic. Pence will merely give an 80 degree salute toward the TV camera and retort “American power!White people will jizz themselves silly. Read more

You seem to be under the impression I give two Taco Bell chalupa farts about your lazy concern trolling disguised  as beliefs. Read more