Oct 21

you both thought mentioning the fall holiday is offside for an article about the fall? why?

Oct 19

Also I think it’s important to point out that microbeads in cosmetics aren’t actually banned, they’re just restricted to certain uses.  Microbeads in rinse-off products like cleansers are banned, but they can still be in make-up, for example.  Another industry win.

Oct 19

It’s not just that we haven’t yet decided to fix the plastics problem, it’s that we’ve let it get a whole lot worse, in new and exciting ways, over the decades. It’d be one thing if the problem were stable, and we’ve just been putting off fixing it. But that’s not the case. What would the “price to address” have been Read more

Oct 19

I am a full-time scientist so I’m aware of how it works. Why do you think there is now suddenly a big effort to reduce plastic use, including laws banning plastic bags and microbeads? Or a surge of research into biodegradable plastics, and enzymatic breakdown of regular plastics? It’s because the public has Read more

Oct 19

The dangers are largely unknown, because we decided to flood the entire world with plastic while having no idea what the consequences would be.  Most people probably want to play it safe when it comes to their babies.

Oct 16

wtf, they made me switch from using google voice to hangouts way back in 2016, now they want me to switch back?

Oct 7

I was actually really impressed that the Police pointed out what most women already know... If your man is suddenly getting really into fitness... he might be a cheater. (#notallfitmen)

Oct 2

Yeah that was a really effective opener. Here’s hoping some of the people standing at the precipice of that slide understand the warning and take it to heart.