6/01/21 4:27PM

The cost of having billionaires like Bezos is that 44% of people working in the US are low-wage workers. Forty-four percent. I feel like this can’t be said enough. These horrible, low-wage, exploitative working conditions are so common and not just at the Amazons and Wal-Marts. the middle class isn’t there anymore

5/27/21 10:54AM

this lil guy is amazing at keeping my knives super sharp, and the design that lets you place it at the edge of a table or counter is extremely handy

5/19/21 4:47PM

Yeah let’s not do this, ok? A) people are perfectly capable of focusing on multiple issues at once. b) The idea that caring about anything else is petty is both invalidating and a distraction. What about Myanmar? c) Pushing the idea that we can only concern ourselves with one thing at a time prevents action vs Read more

5/19/21 3:51PM

oh my dear i’m so so sorry, that’s the hardest heartache and decision to have to make. my deepest & most sincere condolences. sending lots of love

5/19/21 3:50PM

my senior boys aren’t nearly as active anymore, but still get extremely bored. I’ve found that catTV, bird/small animal videos, works like a CHARM. I set up my tablet with the vids near the cat lounger and they’ll sit alternately napping and watching for HOURS. and sometimes I’ll move it over by my desk so they can Read more

4/28/21 1:47PM

“We can learn from suffering, that’s true—and we should—but that doesn’t make suffering good or noble or moral.” — who said this? I didn’t say that. That’s a hell of an assumption you’re making. also seems to be a you problem with what compassion and empathy are and entail. What it sounds like to me is that you had a Read more

4/28/21 1:31PM

probably because the law is also meant to apply to threats and intimidation that are ethnically motivated, like for example anti-semitism.

4/18/21 2:30PM

lol really?? nearly all of them have a guard underneath to prevent exactly this from happening. Source: I worked in parts and repair for a major fitness equipment manufacturer. This is poor design. This was a choice by the company to skimp on the cost of safety features to increase profit. there’s really no excuse for Read more

2/17/21 6:59PM

this stuff is THE BOMB straight up

this stuff is THE BOMB straight up

2/17/21 6:34PM

I’m so sorry this is absolutely common, and no one really seems to want to acknowledge that. I’m really sorry the media at large just keeps presenting the same old, tired lies as New Arguments With Substance, and has largely failed to do their due diligence with historical context or hold anyone accountable in over a Read more

2/17/21 6:13PM

Look folks, we started pressuring companies for these changes in the late 90s. Do you know what they’ve done of their own volition since then? Nothing. Change has *only* happened through legislation. Meanwhile, the prior dates from the prior times these lying sacks of shit have promised to achieve any kind of change Read more

2/15/21 9:39AM

thank you. stupid and unfunny. ugh. and cliche and predictable to boot.

2/11/21 1:36PM

This kind of schit is...way too common in kink. for all the talk, there is a huge problem with consent in that community. folks need to stop ignoring the missing stairs so hell yes

1/24/21 12:55AM

yeah it’s super rough right now, especially for those of us who have had trauma before. And we are all on edge and we are all feeling each other pretty much globally.
Read more

1/24/21 12:46AM

This is a reminder to everyone reading this that you do not have to have been in Washington to be traumatized by the events that happened in January.
Read more

1/24/21 12:32AM

after years of rainbow everything i was like yeah this girl wants to come out and she’s being advised not to because of how it will hurt her base. so I for one am cheering this for as long as I need to because she just made a very hard decision by doing this, as a Famous kid.