12/17/15 4:13PM

Typo. Maybe once they find out she’s only 45 they’ll give her more work. This whole thing is her fault when you look at it that way, really.

12/17/15 2:55PM

“Pass-catching bicep” is still my favorite all-time Deadspin nom de guerre. But all of these are wonderful.

12/16/15 2:09PM

bringing up Donald Trump’s name just to watch Brady get uncomfortable or upset doesn’t accomplish much. Read more

12/16/15 1:08PM

I really enjoyed the structure of this book. It was unique and very well-constructed. I think I downloaded this book for free as part of my Prime subscription, and I rarely have any expectations for those, but I really enjoyed this. There were some cringe-worthy pieces of dialogue that Scher wrote for Danny, and it Read more

12/12/15 1:43PM

It is a great balance, in that it’s both unachievable AND not enough. Good job guys!

12/10/15 2:53PM

Also, both towns will have the ability to use his store to schedule revenue-generating concerts and events, and will also use the land they own around the store to charge people $50 for parking and make a shit-ton of taxes on all of the other thriving businesses around the store. Read more

12/09/15 2:20PM

No! Stop! Enough is enough. I have a hard enough time keeping up with the 264 different Marvel TV shows.

12/09/15 1:21PM

What does “way too many” mean in actual data? Not picking a fight, just genuinely curious.

12/04/15 4:37PM

Maybe if we were talking about lettuce, but I am NOT a sieze her salad!

12/04/15 4:17PM

Sierra Nevada isn’t even mountains, it’s a kind of beer, MORAN!

12/04/15 2:20PM

or whatever the baseball equivalent of Arena League football is.

12/02/15 4:00PM

Gawker is really mastering this whole “get rid of everything that makes this place worthwhile” concept. Read more

12/01/15 5:27PM

Jesus Christ. $31 million a year for a 30-year old who has pitched 470 innings over the past two seasons and can’t pitch a lick in the playoffs. This market is insane.