Regression-Test 1.2
Nov 7 2018

All of the Christian White Women Over 40 in my family vote Trump/Republican. Most of them vote this way because of two things: immigration and abortion. Their biggest boogeymen are Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary Cities. The thing is, no amount of facts is changing their minds. I’ve tried. They don’t want to hear it. Read more

Nov 7 2018

And they don’t even seem to be that set on being equal to white men, as long as nobody else gets to be. Read more

Oct 5 2018

Ever since McCain did that whole “you’ll have to wait and see” shit with ACA every bloody Senator seems to want a moment like this. Collins was clearly always going to go for the drunk assaulter as a real Nice GuyTM but she wanted her “moment for the books” on top. Read more

Oct 5 2018

Susan Collins should’ve had to make that condescending, trashfire speech to Dr. Ford’s face.

Oct 4 2018

He needs to lose his damn dick in a meat grinder.

Sep 28 2018

As many people on Twitter point out, abusers cry. My abuser cried. Crying is sometimes what abusive men do because they don’t have a handle on their feelings or behavior; they’re angry and confused and scared. It’s so similar to when a child cries during a temper tantrum. They know enough to understand right from Read more

Sep 28 2018

Eventually, the bubble collapses. At some point, there will be a split so vast that it’s simply impossible to be a good believer and accept the evidence of your own eyes, and they’re either going to snap out of it or go completely insane. In Jonestown, the collapse of the bubble led to mass suicide. In Germany, it led Read more

Sep 27 2018

Right now, the man the GOP has nominated for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court is shrieking about shadow conspiracies and retribution. Just a model of sober-minded jurisprudence on display. 

Sep 26 2018

At this point I think we can call this “Classic” Avenatti.  Threaten something damning.  Give them a chance to clear the air (or more likely hang themselves.)  Then swing the hammer.

Sep 26 2018

Turn your disgust into anger. Go to your local high school and/or college and register young women to vote. Drag every decent person you know to the polls. Fight back.